Coffee & Cozy Sweaters.

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In the Midwest its getting to be that wonderful time of year that we call fall. I pulled all my cozy sweaters out, had visions of tall boots with skinny jeans, pumpkin spice lattes, and trips into the city to walk down Michigan with that crispness in the air. Then this week it got kinda hot. Thanks Midwest you always know to surprise us here!

Anyways, coffee is always in season no matter what the temperature is out. If you know me at all you know I am mad addicted to coffee, it’s my weakness. Spare the lecture about drinking too much, I’ve already heard it and in the words of Lucille Bluth, ” I don’t understand it, and I won’t respond to it.”

But honestly is there anything better that sitting out on your deck in a big cozy sweater, sipping a cup of ridiculously delicious coffee, and enjoying that fall feeling in the air. This is my favorite time of the year and I can’t wait for all the fun things my friends and I are going to do. Apple picking, haunted houses, and corn mazes here we come! Here’s to one more day until the weekend! {If you’re a hairstylist like me, here’s to two days until the weekend!}



What I Wore:

Sweater: Wet Seal

Tank: Target

Jeans: Discovery


Overall, I’m Cool With It.

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Two years ago I apparently told my best friend Lani that I would never wear overalls because they were the most ridiculous trend to come back around. So this outfit makes me eat my words since I am obviously wearing overalls. Moral of the story, never say never. {Always listen to James Bond.}

I am always trying to evolve my sense of style and just have fun with it, and this outfit screams fun to me. In fact I was told twice that I looked like a three year old {shout-out to Michelle for saying I look like her daughter, hair and outfit!} but I don’t mind. Kids have that “I don’t care what you think” attitude about how they dress {or do anything} and I have been trying to adopt that more and more. The less I care about what other people will think of my outfit, the more fun I have when I look into my closet. And isn’t that what fashion is all about? As always, thank you for reading! Have a wonderful week!



What I Wore:

Overalls: Discovery {YMI Brand}

Tee: Gap

Blazer: TJ Maxx

Scarf: old and I cannot remember

Shoes: Converse {Target}

Bag: Kate Spade


Expect A Miracle.



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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset{Denim Top- Discovery, Jeans- TJ Maxx, Purse- Shoedazzle, Shoes- Target, Sunglasses- Coach, Necklace- Rue 21, Earrings- Etsy}


In Lake Geneva there is a bridge along the lake line called “The Miracle Path” and it’s so gorgeous. If you have never been there I highly suggest you go, it is such an inspiring walk to see all the song lyrics, bible verses, and positive quotes along the bridge. You can sign a guest book {filled with children’s writing and yes it is adorable}, ring a bell for a miracle, or just relax on a bench. I think it’s the perfect place to go on a Sunday! Check them out here.







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My Dad Doesn’t Appreciate The Ironic Humor Of This Shirt.







{Tee-Vintage Redeux, Skirt- Chic Wish (ON SALE NOW!), Shoes- Clothes Envy (no longer available but these from Windsor are similar), , Clutch- Target, Nail Polish- Watermelon by Essie}

I picked up this shirt while I was strolling through the “Melrose Trading Post” in LA {At the Fairfax Highschool} and I paired it with this skirt because honestly, why not? There is something about wearing a full skirt with a classic pair of stilettos that makes me want to go take a walk down a busy city street and grab a drink at a swanky bar. I probably wouldn’t wear this tee with it on that specific outing but it worked for this one!

If you haven’t added a full midi-skirt to your closet yet you really should consider it. It’s the perfect vintage-esque piece that I predict with be paired with many a jacket and scarf this fall. At least it for sure will be on me!

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


PS- I promise I am a nice girl, don’t be fooled by this threatening shirt.

Rompers Are The New Black.






{Romper- Discovery, Necklace-, Sunglasses- Coach, Purse-, Booties- Old Navy}

Reasons why this Sunday was amazing….

1. An amazing service at my church {I love starting the week off with an inspiring message to keep me on track!}

2. The weather- perfect for walking around Lake Geneva, grabbing brunch, and just being outside!

3. This romper. I mean seriously it’s so adorable I could barely contain myself when I saw it at the store.

I am a huge fan of the romper. My heart starts beating faster, my face lights up, and I immediately come up with tons of fun things to go do while wearing a romper. {A day in Lake Geneva obviously was on the list!}  I found this romper on a spur of the moment shopping trip into Discovery and it was love at first sight. It was the perfect weather to go have brunch at Egg Harbor with my cousin Jill,  and walk around the town soaking in the last remnants of summer.  There even was a Peet’s Coffee there which was our favorite coffee shop when we went to California! If you go there make sure you try the Chai Pumpkin Freddo, it was so good I’ll have to go back for more!

Sundays are seriously the best day of the week and yesterday was a chart topper. So here’s to beautiful weather, cute rompers, and spending your time with the people who matter the most to you!


Hair We Go!

People always come to me with inquiries on how to style their hair different. I always hear the statement “I always just wear my hair down” or “I can’t think of anything to do with it so I just straighten it.”. So I was inspired to share these six different ways you could wear your hair! I will be posting more on this since this seems to be quite a hot button issue with my ladies, and if you want I can do some tutorials on these {and future} looks as well.


Look #1: Add a flower crown. { I found this one at }.

Look #2: Tie it up in a bandanna. {put the knot on the side for a vintage edge!}

Look #3: Tousled waves with a sea salt spray {My favorite right now is Redken Fashion Waves}.

Look #4: A Messy Top Bun, honestly the messier the better!

Look #5: A fishtail braid to the side, pull some pieces out on the sides for a softer look.}

Look #6: A Teased ponytail.

On the seventh day I rested and did nothing to my hair.

Just kidding but I’m hoping that you laughed!

Anyways, hopefully this is helpful to all you ladies out there who thought “what am I going to do with my hair for this weekend”?

Any questions or styles you want to see, comment below!

Here’s to big fans of messy hair, going out with your girls, and loving life!