I just wrote the longest post I have ever written, deleted it, and am starting over. As I write this I realize that could be a metaphor for the New Year, so basically you’re welcome.

My advice for 2015 {that I will be taking myself by the way…we’re in this together.}

1. Reminisce about the good times and what you experienced in 2014, take those experiences and learn from them!

2. Figure out what you LOVE doing, and do more of those things! Life is short, do stuff.

3. Spend time with your loved ones, make new friends, and dump the toxic ones. You know who they are because their name/names just ran through your mind. You can thank me later, you’re awesome and don’t need that negativity in your life.

4. Always have a bottle of champagne in your fridge because you never know when you will want a mimosa. {This is for Loni because we almost always want one and we never have champagne. Let’s buy more champagne girl! COSTCO!!}

5. Do something different with your hair. Even a subtle change can make all the difference. Don’t know what you want? ASK ME.

6. Take pictures of everything. It’s awesome to have documentation of what you were doing and who you were with! Plus, when you have kids one day they can go through your old pictures and make fun of your clothes and that hair. {The hair I encouraged you to try, again you are more than welcome for that.}

7. Just be happy. Smile more, sing to yourself, and wear your favorite color.

Simple things that will make everyday life in 2015 more enjoyable!

As for me something I will be doing in the beginning of this year is giving my blog a makeover, it’s about that time! This won’t be a subtle change either, I’m changing the name, look, and adding so many awesome things. You won’t even recognize her when I’m done!  So stay tuned, get excited, and be patient as I create content from the heart.


My cousin Jill and I last night, polaroid cameras rock! I may need to get one of those….

I ended the year on a great note, celebrating with some great people! I am ready for every adventure that will happen in 2015, excited to see what God has in store for me, and looking forward to the future! BYE 2014.






PS-I am interested in collaborating with bloggers that have the same vision as me with their blogs! Email me if you’re that person! {georgejack24@gmail.com}



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