Hair We Go!

People always come to me with inquiries on how to style their hair different. I always hear the statement “I always just wear my hair down” or “I can’t think of anything to do with it so I just straighten it.”. So I was inspired to share these six different ways you could wear your hair! I will be posting more on this since this seems to be quite a hot button issue with my ladies, and if you want I can do some tutorials on these {and future} looks as well.


Look #1: Add a flower crown. { I found this one at }.

Look #2: Tie it up in a bandanna. {put the knot on the side for a vintage edge!}

Look #3: Tousled waves with a sea salt spray {My favorite right now is Redken Fashion Waves}.

Look #4: A Messy Top Bun, honestly the messier the better!

Look #5: A fishtail braid to the side, pull some pieces out on the sides for a softer look.}

Look #6: A Teased ponytail.

On the seventh day I rested and did nothing to my hair.

Just kidding but I’m hoping that you laughed!

Anyways, hopefully this is helpful to all you ladies out there who thought “what am I going to do with my hair for this weekend”?

Any questions or styles you want to see, comment below!

Here’s to big fans of messy hair, going out with your girls, and loving life!



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