I have a shirt that was gifted to me that says “Barbecue Diva” on the front {hence the name of this post}. If that doesn’t explain to you how I feel about BBQ then I don’t know what else I could say. Being a vegetarian the usual things that are slathered in BBQ sauce are just not on the menu for me, so over the years I have come up with several different BBQ recipes. This is one of my favorites and inspired by a recent Chicago Bloggers Network twitter chat I decided to bring it out!

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The Chicken Free BBQ Sandwich


-UDI’s Gluten Free Whole Grain Bun

– Beyond Meat Chicken Free Grilled Strips

-Daiya Cheddar Style Wedge

-Trader Joe’s All Natural BBQ Sauce

-A Red Onion

-Olive Oil

1. Cut up the onion and start sautéing in a hot pan, pour a small amount of the oo over them to “caramelize” {if you eat dairy you may want to use butter for that is how you “traditionally” caramelize onions.}

2. Take about 5-6 of the Chicken Free Strips and lay them in the pan to sauté as well, flipping them over after about 5 minutes or when they start to brown

3. After they have browned, push them all together and then slice a couple thin layers of the cheddar style wedge up to lay on top of the strips

4. At this point I always remove the onions and place a pot cover over the pan so that the “cheese” will melt faster.

I always spread some BBQ sauce on the bottom bun, then the onions, then the strips, and then more sauce. It’s the perfect way to build your sandwich, trust me your taste buds will be very happy! I hope y’all will enjoy this tasty summer BBQ treat!

Great sides for this dish include but are not limited to;

-Macaroni and Cheese

-Potato Wedges

-Honey Baked Beans


And also make sure you have a great cocktail and some good friends as well, because that’s what truly makes an awesome summer bbq! I am blessed enough to have some of the greatest people in my life and cannot wait to share an amazing summer with them. This sandwich will be showing up at many a friends house this summer!



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