In Case You Didn’t Know, I Like To Shop. LA Series: Part One.





IMG_5082Shirt: Booth at Melrose Trading Post in LA// Shorts: Discovery//Tights: Target// Socks: Target// Shoes: Target


One of the things that stood out to me about LA {besides seeing a woman pee, different story for another time} was the fashion. Everyone was just dressed so cool, that’s the only way I know how to describe it. I saw so many trends and styles there that I kept an on going list in my phone just so I wouldn’t forget! A couple different outfits stood out to me and one was a girl wearing a version of this above outfit. She had just a tank top with shorts on, then the socks and booties. I added a long sleeve shirt and tights because even though it was a nice day, it’s not LA weather here. This was such a fun outfit and I loved it so much, I wore another version of it later that week to work! { Disclaimer: Do NOT attempt this outfit at work unless you are in a creative industry, I will not be held responsible for that!}

Always remember that it’s all about making trends work for you and your own personal style. Always add your own little twist on a trend, I promise you will love your look that much more! I will be taking a couple things that I saw in LA and making them my own {obviously this outfit} as part of my LA Series. Get excited for some slouchy bags, flannel, and short shorts. Oh and of course, my flower crown!

I would like to announce that this photo shoot started the beginning of a beautiful professional relationship between my immensely talented best friend Leilani and I, she is now my photographer! I can’t wait to see where her talent and creativity will take my blog! {Plus, who doesn’t love working with your bestie?}

Here’s to a wonderful Sunday spent with the people you love, coffee if you are me, and the start of a glorious week!




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