California Leopard.



IMG_4638Jacket: Discovery// Tee- American Apparel//Pants: Discovery//Purse: 3.1 Philip Lim for Target// Earrings: Bauble Bar// Shoes: So old I have no idea

I am finally getting the chance to post about my trip to California! This outfit is from the first night that we went out, we decided to go to a restaurant called Rock Sugar which apparently has been on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” {I have no idea since I don’t watch that show but my cousin told me and I trust her!}. We had been going, going, going all day and I just wanted to be comfortable at dinner, so I chose to wear this outfit which was a last minute throw in to my suitcase. I am thinking these are prefect “brunch” pants for some reason, and one day I will wear them to a brunch!

We went on the WB Studio Tour that day and I got to see the high school from Pretty Little Liars which was insanely cool! Also I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I was basically about to cry when they said there was a whole floor in their prop museum dedicated to the franchise!


IMG_4146{Not the best picture but if you’re a PLL fan you recognize the building}



Nerd Alert: Original sketches of the wands from Harry Potter. I was in heaven being surrounded by all Harry Potter props.


Oh yeah loving life…

I have so many pictures of all things Harry Potter but since this isn’t a Harry Potter Fan Blog I won’t share them all, just know that if you are a fan DO THE TOUR. It’s worth the $54. As always thanks for stopping by, tomorrow’s post is all California too! Have a wonderful Sunday!IMG_3459


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