A Charming Life.

Photo on 2-4-14 at 2.39 PM #8

Photo on 2-4-14 at 2.40 PM #2

Photo on 2-4-14 at 2.40 PM #3


Photo on 2-4-14 at 2.42 PM #6

Photo on 2-4-14 at 2.42 PM #5

Photo on 2-4-14 at 2.42 PM #8Hat: Charming Charlie//Faux Fur Cuff: Charming Charlie// Jean Jacket: Abercrombie//Earrings: Charming Charlie//Ring: gift// Nail Polish: Essie “Trombone”

Last month I made a trip into the accessories store “Charming Charlie” to pick up some fun jewelry for my friends. I made the decision that I would not be purchasing anything for myself seeing as that I have been trying to save as much money as I can for my trip to California {whoop whoop which is at the end of this week, I can’t believe it!}. SO obviously as I walked around and searched the shelves for the perfect accessories to complement my friends personal styles, I found this amazing hat and this super chic fur cuff. The best part? The hat was on sale for $9.99 and the cuff was $4.99! I mean my decision to not spend went right out the window when I saw those prices, who could say no to that? Especially since I had been searching and searching for both of these items at a multitude of stores. I also love the colors of these two items especially since it coordinates with the Pantone Color of the Year! Thanks to Charming Charlie I found what I was looking for {oh yeah I got my friends great stuff too} and I didn’t break the bank!

Also I just have to say that after watching last nights episode of Pretty Little Liars  I am sad that people do not dress like that anymore, it was so chic and lady-like. I am a sucker for old fashioned clothing. Except Paige’s whole look {especially her hair}. I wasn’t a fan of that, but her makeup looked gorgeous!

Since I am going to California I won’t be posting again until next week, but don’t fret because I’ll have some awesome outfit/food/travel posts for y’all! I really hit the mother load at Forever 21 and Discovery for my trip! Plus, all the shopping I’ll be doing there! Hello Melrose Trading Post! Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone, I know I will!



2 thoughts on “A Charming Life.

    1. Hi Kelly! I agree, it really goes with all outfits in almost all situations. I think it looks amazing even thrown over a ball gown! LOL. Thanks for reading! I’ll make sure to pop over to your blog as well!

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