A Charming Life.

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Photo on 2-4-14 at 2.42 PM #8Hat: Charming Charlie//Faux Fur Cuff: Charming Charlie// Jean Jacket: Abercrombie//Earrings: Charming Charlie//Ring: gift// Nail Polish: Essie “Trombone”

Last month I made a trip into the accessories store “Charming Charlie” to pick up some fun jewelry for my friends. I made the decision that I would not be purchasing anything for myself seeing as that I have been trying to save as much money as I can for my trip to California {whoop whoop which is at the end of this week, I can’t believe it!}. SO obviously as I walked around and searched the shelves for the perfect accessories to complement my friends personal styles, I found this amazing hat and this super chic fur cuff. The best part? The hat was on sale for $9.99 and the cuff was $4.99! I mean my decision to not spend went right out the window when I saw those prices, who could say no to that? Especially since I had been searching and searching for both of these items at a multitude of stores. I also love the colors of these two items especially since it coordinates with the Pantone Color of the Year! Thanks to Charming Charlie I found what I was looking for {oh yeah I got my friends great stuff too} and I didn’t break the bank!

Also I just have to say that after watching last nights episode of Pretty Little Liars  I am sad that people do not dress like that anymore, it was so chic and lady-like. I am a sucker for old fashioned clothing. Except Paige’s whole look {especially her hair}. I wasn’t a fan of that, but her makeup looked gorgeous!

Since I am going to California I won’t be posting again until next week, but don’t fret because I’ll have some awesome outfit/food/travel posts for y’all! I really hit the mother load at Forever 21 and Discovery for my trip! Plus, all the shopping I’ll be doing there! Hello Melrose Trading Post! Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone, I know I will!



Kate Spade Surprises Are Da Best.



Need I say much more? Well yes I always want to say more….I’m a talker. As I am trying my hardest not to online shop to prepare for all the shopping I am going to do in California, I get this email. Thanks Kate Spade! Between you and Bauble Bar I could have an empty checking account in about 30 minutes. Oh well! At least I’d look good.


Dad Knows Best.

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Shirt: Target//Vest: Old Navy//Monogram Necklace: Christy Treasure Box on Etsy// Crystal Necklace: Veryjane.com// Earrings: So old I have no idea//Nail Polish: Trombone by Essie

When I was little {and kind of still today} my Dad would wear a different flannel shirt every day. Different sorts of colors and patterns, it was his shirt. I’ve never seen anyone else rock it as good as him but since plaid is one of my favorite prints, I suppose I can try. This is probably one of the most comfortable shirts I have ever purchased and the best part is that you can wear it so many different ways {Oooh I just had another blog post idea pop up, to be continued…}. Notice my leopard earrings with the plaid, it is one of my favorite combinations that if done in a small way, can be ultra chic. This was my outfit for the Superbowl this past weekend and it was the perfect clothing to sit on the couch, eat tons of my homemade sweet potato chili, and swoon over Bruno Mars. I mean isn’t that what the Superbowl is all about? IMG_3459

Snow Baby.






















Hat: Unknown//Jacket: TJ Maxx// Leggings: VeryJane.com// Scarf:Yay! Crochet by JaredPear on Etsy //Gloves: Charming Charlies//Boots- Hunter// Earrings: BaubleBar

Here in the Midwest it has been so cold that even walking outside to your car is pretty traumatic. You lose your breathe, your feet are instant ice, and your eyes sting from the wind. {Sounds like paradise doesn’t it?} Yesterday was a glorious day where the temps were actually in the 20’s {watch out world}, so I was finally able to get outside and take some pictures with out freezing my little buns off. Staying warm is #1 right now so my best advice to you is  layers, layers, and more layers. Also can you believe how gorgeous those earrings are? They were my first purchase from BaubleBar and I have to say it won’t be my last! Stay warm my friends!




Planning Ahead is So Fetch.

There. I made fetch finally happen. You’re welcome Gretchen.

This weekend Target launches their new collaboration with Peter Pilotto and I could not be more excited about this partnership. Pilotto designs are very clean cut but with a funky edge, and the colors couldn’t be more beautiful. Each piece commands attention, looks built to last, and is the perfect addition to anyone’s closet. {Especially mine!} Here are the three looks I am currently obsessing over.





{A Must Have for LA.}

I really think the last one would be perfect for a night out in LA and I am so excited to own it! Stay posted for looks involving these dresses, I may own all three in the near future. Have a lovely Monday everyone, bask in the blessings of the day!