Who Knew Brussel Sprouts Tasted So Good?

Vegetables are my jam, and my new favorite is the brussel sprout! I never wanted to try them because they have such a bad rep, but my bestie Jess made them for me one night and I am never looking back. I sing their praises to anyone who will listen and have been incorporating them into every meal I can for the past couple of weeks. This is my favorite recipe so far…

Mostacholi with brussel sprouts & mushrooms.


-Pasta {use whatever you like, the dish pictured above has brown rice noodles but I have been on a Shirataki Noodle kick lately so I actually mixed those in with it for a lower calorie meal}

– Daiya Cheddar Block

-Olive Oil

-Pasta Sauce

-Spices {I used Kosher Salt, Basil, Pepper, Garlic Powder, and Chili Powder}

-Brussel Sprouts

-Any other vegetable you would want to eat, I added mushrooms tonight!

1. Boil water and add pasta when ready. Unless you are using the shiritaki noodles then just follow the instructions on the bag.

IMG_29682. Thoroughly wash the sprouts, cut the stems off, and cut them either in half or quarters depending on the size of the sprout.

IMG_29693. When you are cutting them, “leaves” will come off but throw them into the pan too because they taste amazing sautéed!

IMG_29724. Throw them all into your pan and drizzle Olive Oil all over them.

IMG_2973{I used this specialty Olive Oil infused with basil and it was delish!}

IMG_29755. Pour spices onto sprouts and toss together. These are Basil, Kosher Salt, Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, and Pepper.

IMG_29776. Wash and cut up mushrooms and then add them in when sprouts start to look cooked.

7. Drain noodles, return them to the pot {over low heat}, cut little pieces of the Daiya and mix in with noodles until melted. Then add sauce until hot, mix in veggies at this point.

IMG_2979Sorry for the messy plate picture, I was so excited to eat I forgot to take a nice meal picture!

After an amazing day with 3 of my good friends, it was great to come home and cook this  quick, healthy, and delicious meal. It’s quite my kind of comfort food that I can’t help but keep in the meal rotation often! I hope y’all have an amazing week, I know I will! Much Love, Jenny!

PS- My nail polish is Lacy Not Racy by Essie in case anyone was wondering!



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