Blue Jean Baby Queen.




IMG_3255{How adorable is that sign in my kitchen?}






IMG_3264Chambray Top-H&M//Polka Dot Tee- Nordstrom Rack {old}//Jeans: Old Navy//Boots: Windsor//Necklace: Simple Addiction//Watch: Charming Charlies//Bracelets; Belt: H&M, Monogram: Etsy {necklace worn as bracelet}, Clutch: Marc Jacobs for Target, Nail Polish: Essie Butler Please

I believe a woman should always have a go to outfit that would work for many situations, whether it be meeting your girl friends for a drink, a date, dinner with co-workers, or almost anything. This outfit is one of my go-to looks that work for tons of different situations. You can switch out the polka dot top for a blazer or switch the jeans for leather pants, anyway you want to work this outfit. The beauty of it is that if you start with classic pieces, you can add on the trendy ones later.

Any of my readers from the LA area? I will be traveling out there next month and would love some recommendations of bars/restaurants/clubs! I am beyond excited to be finally going to California and can’t wait to get out of this cold and oppressive Midwest weather. I have so many amazing things coming up and so far I have to say 2014, you are the bees knees. I hope y’all are having a wonderful week so far! Here’s to traveling, polka dots, drinks with friends, and Pretty Little Liars being back on tv. Much Love- Jenny!



Who Knew Brussel Sprouts Tasted So Good?

Vegetables are my jam, and my new favorite is the brussel sprout! I never wanted to try them because they have such a bad rep, but my bestie Jess made them for me one night and I am never looking back. I sing their praises to anyone who will listen and have been incorporating them into every meal I can for the past couple of weeks. This is my favorite recipe so far…

Mostacholi with brussel sprouts & mushrooms.


-Pasta {use whatever you like, the dish pictured above has brown rice noodles but I have been on a Shirataki Noodle kick lately so I actually mixed those in with it for a lower calorie meal}

– Daiya Cheddar Block

-Olive Oil

-Pasta Sauce

-Spices {I used Kosher Salt, Basil, Pepper, Garlic Powder, and Chili Powder}

-Brussel Sprouts

-Any other vegetable you would want to eat, I added mushrooms tonight!

1. Boil water and add pasta when ready. Unless you are using the shiritaki noodles then just follow the instructions on the bag.

IMG_29682. Thoroughly wash the sprouts, cut the stems off, and cut them either in half or quarters depending on the size of the sprout.

IMG_29693. When you are cutting them, “leaves” will come off but throw them into the pan too because they taste amazing sautéed!

IMG_29724. Throw them all into your pan and drizzle Olive Oil all over them.

IMG_2973{I used this specialty Olive Oil infused with basil and it was delish!}

IMG_29755. Pour spices onto sprouts and toss together. These are Basil, Kosher Salt, Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, and Pepper.

IMG_29776. Wash and cut up mushrooms and then add them in when sprouts start to look cooked.

7. Drain noodles, return them to the pot {over low heat}, cut little pieces of the Daiya and mix in with noodles until melted. Then add sauce until hot, mix in veggies at this point.

IMG_2979Sorry for the messy plate picture, I was so excited to eat I forgot to take a nice meal picture!

After an amazing day with 3 of my good friends, it was great to come home and cook this  quick, healthy, and delicious meal. It’s quite my kind of comfort food that I can’t help but keep in the meal rotation often! I hope y’all have an amazing week, I know I will! Much Love, Jenny!

PS- My nail polish is Lacy Not Racy by Essie in case anyone was wondering!


Don’t Get All Negative On Me.

Happy New Year! I am beyond excited to be in 2014 and have so many ideas for LLA. Living in the midwest has kinda halted a couple of those ideas though since it is -11 out right now! It’s no fun to go out in this weather so I am staying in as much as I can {feeling boring and cold} and wearing as many layers as I possibly can {and not adorable blazers over tees kinda layering}. So I am just going to do a “Favorite Things As Of Now” mashup while I lay under a heated blanket + two fleece blankets + comforter and clothed in sweater leggings and a sweatshirt. Ps- I’m still cold.

Nail Polish: OPI Goldeneye//Ring: gift

Driving in downtown Kenosha, WI yesterday trying to find a brunch place open and I found this gem. How cool is this?

My first venture out of the year was a dinner out with my two cousins Liz and Erin, it was so much fun and I can’t wait for the next one!

Ear Cuff: Windsor//Earrings: Charming Charlie’s.

So if you are in the midwest, BUNDLE UP! Send out a prayer for all the people who are outside today, whether it be because they are homeless, work outside, or for some reason are out there voluntarily. They could use a gust of heat! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week!

I also wanted to share this picture that someone posted on Facebook because it accurately captures this winter season for us Midwesterners.


Much Love and stay warm!- Jenny