An Almost Midnight Snack.

There are a couple things about me that you should know.

1. I am not a morning person.

2. I stay up very late at night so I have never been able to follow the “Don’t eat past 8” rule.

3. I like snacking. Party foods are amazing and I would eat some sort of dip and chip deal all day if I could.

Needless to say this creation has become one of my favorite late night eats of all time. My best friend Jess loves popping popcorn on the stove, and she one day opened my eyes to the many possibilities of popcorn. As funny as that sounds you can do so many things with it; make it sweet, spicy, salty, or a combination of both dare I say.


I came up with this seasoning combo a couple months ago and I am still obsessing over it. Kosher Salt + Chicago Steak Seasoning + Chili Powder+ Crushed Garlic and Pepper on top of popcorn drizzled with a little Olive Oil. Seriously, one of the best snacks around and very easy to make! So enjoy this off the beaten path snack on your next Netflix all nighter, I know I will.



Speaking of a Netflix binge, here are my top 5 shows to watch while you enjoy this delicious popcorn.

1. Archer

2.Bob’s Burgers {I possibly have a deep obsession with H. Jon Benjamin’s voice.

3. Arrested Development

4. 30 Rock

5. Once Upon A Time

Have a great night and a happy new year everyone! Much Love- Jenny



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