The Cousin Christmas Tradition.

The Christmas Season is always an amazing time of year, From peppermint lattes, family traditions, to that first snowfall there is always a certain type of magic in the air. I am definitely one for spending time with my loved ones as much as I can over the holidays and this year was no exception. It also gives you the promise of a fresh beginning with the upcoming new year and I think the idea of that will put anyone in a great mood. Prospect for change is usually one to put a smile on your face, with good reason. I had a wonderful year and Christmas Season and I am looking forward to what God brings me in 2014.  Here are some pictures from one of my favorite times during Christmas, our Cousin’s Christmas Tradition!

IMG_2131Walking The Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

IMG_2136A Lighted Tree at The Zoo Lights, this will be part of our Cousin Christmas Tradition from now on. {We got to Christkindlemarket every year the weekend before Christmas.}



IMG_2152The lights in the ground were making it hard to get the shot so my lovely cousins tried to cover them. In the process they got in the picture. Oh well, this could’ve been an awesome outfit shot, thanks anyways ladies!

IMG_2173If you get stopped by a stoplight, take pictures!

IMG_2189Hat: Target//Jacket:Forever 21//Bag: Phillip Lim for Target//Jeans: Express//Boots:Gordmans//Gloves:Target

IMG_2204Ended the night with a glass of Red Sangria, snap chat madness, and delicious GF pasta.

What are some traditions that you and your family/friends have started that make you happy? Here’s to a wonderful last week of 2013 and to all 2014 brings us! Much love- Jenny!

PS-The amount of support and love throughout the community where my salon is made me so happy, they filled this huge box with children’s coats, hats, gloves, and school supplies as part of the charity “Life Quilt Foundation”. Click here to connect to their Facebook page and learn more.










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