Adventures in The Historic Third Ward: Part One, Cafe Benelux.

Brunch is a beautiful thing. Especially when enjoyed at a wonderful new restaurant with your best friend, in a neighborhood you’ve never explored, in one of your favorite cities. J and I went to Cafe Benelux in the Third Ward of Milwaukee yesterday and it was everything brunch in a hip neighborhood should be. It’s a European style restaurant with the artsy feel of Milwaukee. Their delicious mimosa’s, cool decor, and the first real snow of the season made yesterday afternoon a memorable one!

IMG_1716The view from our hotel room at The Hilton

IMG_1718Walking in The Third Ward to brunch.


IMG_1724Cafe Benelux


IMG_1729A fun postcard to look at while we waited.

IMG_1734Perfect brunch accessory, a Coach cross body.

IMG_1738They had an extensive gluten-free menu which was a happy surprise for this girl!


All in all this was an awesome restaurant with great service and even better food! Next time you’re in Milwaukee try it out, you won’t be disappointed! Click here for Cafe Benelux’s website with menu, photos, and so much more! Here’s to a wonderful week filled with holiday cheer, friends, and good times! Much Love, Jenny



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