The End and The Beginning.







Sweater: TJ Maxx//Chambray Shirt: H&M//Jeans: Forever 21//Boots: Hunter//Bag: Kate Spade//Sunglasses: Amazon//Jacket: Forever 21// Gloves: Target//Scarf: gifted

These were all shot by the lake in Lake Geneva, on a day where it was about 3 degrees and I’m sure I looked nuts taking my jacket and gloves off. But as my cousin says “Do it for the blog”.

Wrapping up an entire year in one sentence or paragraph is a hard thing to do but I will try! Mostly what I take from 2013 is that I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, a God who loves me, and the promise of a wonderful future. Knowing all of those things, how can I not have a wonderful 2014? See you next year! Much love- Jenny!

“For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says The Lord, plans for your welfare, not for woe! plans to give you a future filled with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11


An Almost Midnight Snack.

There are a couple things about me that you should know.

1. I am not a morning person.

2. I stay up very late at night so I have never been able to follow the “Don’t eat past 8” rule.

3. I like snacking. Party foods are amazing and I would eat some sort of dip and chip deal all day if I could.

Needless to say this creation has become one of my favorite late night eats of all time. My best friend Jess loves popping popcorn on the stove, and she one day opened my eyes to the many possibilities of popcorn. As funny as that sounds you can do so many things with it; make it sweet, spicy, salty, or a combination of both dare I say.


I came up with this seasoning combo a couple months ago and I am still obsessing over it. Kosher Salt + Chicago Steak Seasoning + Chili Powder+ Crushed Garlic and Pepper on top of popcorn drizzled with a little Olive Oil. Seriously, one of the best snacks around and very easy to make! So enjoy this off the beaten path snack on your next Netflix all nighter, I know I will.



Speaking of a Netflix binge, here are my top 5 shows to watch while you enjoy this delicious popcorn.

1. Archer

2.Bob’s Burgers {I possibly have a deep obsession with H. Jon Benjamin’s voice.

3. Arrested Development

4. 30 Rock

5. Once Upon A Time

Have a great night and a happy new year everyone! Much Love- Jenny


The Cousin Christmas Tradition.

The Christmas Season is always an amazing time of year, From peppermint lattes, family traditions, to that first snowfall there is always a certain type of magic in the air. I am definitely one for spending time with my loved ones as much as I can over the holidays and this year was no exception. It also gives you the promise of a fresh beginning with the upcoming new year and I think the idea of that will put anyone in a great mood. Prospect for change is usually one to put a smile on your face, with good reason. I had a wonderful year and Christmas Season and I am looking forward to what God brings me in 2014.  Here are some pictures from one of my favorite times during Christmas, our Cousin’s Christmas Tradition!

IMG_2131Walking The Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

IMG_2136A Lighted Tree at The Zoo Lights, this will be part of our Cousin Christmas Tradition from now on. {We got to Christkindlemarket every year the weekend before Christmas.}



IMG_2152The lights in the ground were making it hard to get the shot so my lovely cousins tried to cover them. In the process they got in the picture. Oh well, this could’ve been an awesome outfit shot, thanks anyways ladies!

IMG_2173If you get stopped by a stoplight, take pictures!

IMG_2189Hat: Target//Jacket:Forever 21//Bag: Phillip Lim for Target//Jeans: Express//Boots:Gordmans//Gloves:Target

IMG_2204Ended the night with a glass of Red Sangria, snap chat madness, and delicious GF pasta.

What are some traditions that you and your family/friends have started that make you happy? Here’s to a wonderful last week of 2013 and to all 2014 brings us! Much love- Jenny!

PS-The amount of support and love throughout the community where my salon is made me so happy, they filled this huge box with children’s coats, hats, gloves, and school supplies as part of the charity “Life Quilt Foundation”. Click here to connect to their Facebook page and learn more.









The Easiest Meal You Will Ever Make.

I am a fan of potatoes. There is just something about them that I really crave. Oh wait isn’t that called carbs? That aside, I love coming up with different ways to incorporate them into meals. This is my latest creation….


“The Mushroom Boat”

-Take a medium sized potato and poke holes all over it using a fork

-Place in microwave for 5 minutes, when times is up flip potato and go for another 4 or 5 minutes depending on if the middle is still hard {you can tell by pressing in the middle of the potato}

-Cut up about 4 or 5 baby bella mushrooms and sauté them in olive oil until brown

–Cut cooked potato in 1/2, scrape the inside with fork, pour olive oil into the scraped side, then place potato face side down onto the pan {add more olive oil if needed after sautéing mushrooms}, cook until the potato starts to crisp

-When potato is done mash the insides in and pour mushrooms over the top {they all won’t fit}, add seasoning and possibly more OO depending on your taste, and enjoy!

To me this is such an easy meal or side dish that makes a large impact but only takes about 10 minutes to make! As always it’s gluten and dairy free! So here’s to the holidays, carbs, and easy meals! Much Love, Jenny!

Adventures in The Historic Third Ward: Part One, Cafe Benelux.

Brunch is a beautiful thing. Especially when enjoyed at a wonderful new restaurant with your best friend, in a neighborhood you’ve never explored, in one of your favorite cities. J and I went to Cafe Benelux in the Third Ward of Milwaukee yesterday and it was everything brunch in a hip neighborhood should be. It’s a European style restaurant with the artsy feel of Milwaukee. Their delicious mimosa’s, cool decor, and the first real snow of the season made yesterday afternoon a memorable one!

IMG_1716The view from our hotel room at The Hilton

IMG_1718Walking in The Third Ward to brunch.


IMG_1724Cafe Benelux


IMG_1729A fun postcard to look at while we waited.

IMG_1734Perfect brunch accessory, a Coach cross body.

IMG_1738They had an extensive gluten-free menu which was a happy surprise for this girl!


All in all this was an awesome restaurant with great service and even better food! Next time you’re in Milwaukee try it out, you won’t be disappointed! Click here for Cafe Benelux’s website with menu, photos, and so much more! Here’s to a wonderful week filled with holiday cheer, friends, and good times! Much Love, Jenny







Shirt: Discovery//Jeans: TJ Maxx//Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target// Necklace: Sunglasses: Amazon// Jacket: Discovery// Shoes: Target

When the opportunity to go shopping on a Sunday with your Mama presents itself, you would be crazy not to take it. We found the perfect outfit for her Holiday Party, got our holiday themed Starbucks at 1/2 off in honor of World Aids Day, and of course had to stop at Woodmans so I could pick up the ingredients to make my gluten free/vegan calzones. All in all it was a great way to kick off December and the red pants were the perfect ode to Santa! Much Love- Jenny!