It seems like an eternity since I have shared anything on this blog and there is so much I have to say. {Anyone that personally knows me would chime in right about now with some quip on how much I talk.} I’m not really one to come up with excuses as to why I’ve been away seeing as that I don’t believe anyone would care, but as I logged on today I have had several looks upon my blog everyday so I realize that yeah maybe some people might care! So to those people, I am sorry it’s been so long since I posted something new! I have many ideas/photos/outfits/makeup/hair ideas that I want to share and will as soon as I can get it all down! As for now I’ll leave you with these teasers;


{I dressed as a vintage flight attendant for Halloween}


{I had crazy huge hair for Crazy Hair Day at my salon.}


{I purchased these adorable monogrammed earrings of of Etsy.}


{Went to Vegas and got up close and personal with Elvis.}

I have had so many other adventures and outfits to share, not to mention some great cocktails. The best is yet to come!

Much Love, Jenny!


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