Crazy Color Combo That Actually Works.


{Top-Nordstrom Rack, Jeans- Target, Heels- Target}

I am definitely one for mixing it up. Colors, patterns, textures, you name it and I have mixed it. The way you dress is the way you present yourself to the world and I think why not have fun with it? Putting two colors or two textures together that you would never think would work and for some reason it does, well that my friends is style. I myself am a slave to the fashion magazine, have spent all of NYFW looking at blogs, Instagram, and the Mercedes Benz website for live feed. I can’t help but realize though that what inspires me a lot more than the runway is street style. What are the girls wearing on the street right now? As they jump in their cars to go to work, running down Michigan to catch a cab, or just going for a cocktail with their friends. That is what fashion means to me, taking everyday life and making it beautiful with clothing. Now don’t get me wrong, I am planning on attending Fashion Week one of the years, {I am hoping next year SOMEONE SEND ME} and then I can be immersed in the style of those people. While a lot of the fashions are  un-attainable for quote on quote normal people there is something we can take from every single one f them. I have a couple favorite bloggers whose style is chic and attainable. They also seem very down to Earth and passionate about the same things I am. Making the world a more beautiful place.  Here are the links to their blogs; and  {Both live in Iowa so they have that Midwest style going on which is important to me since I live in the Midwest and plan on staying here!} So back to my outfit, {now that I have rambled on} the combo of orange brown+lavender+nude would never really cross my mind as working. But it did, and it turned out to be one of my favorite outfits this week! Also because I am a girl on a budget I have to share that I snagged those jeans for just under $9 and the heels for the same! Oh how I love clearance racks! Also please bear in mind the struggles some people are facing today, mostly the people who lost loved ones in the attacks. Every time you think of them send out a little prayer to maker their heart less heavy. Hopefully they can feel the love of our country trying to lift them up!



Here’s to week filled with love and polka dots! Much Love from me, Jenny!


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