NYFW: Inspiration Board For Fall.

New York Fashion Week is upon us and I am beyond excited! The clothes, the style, the hair, the backstage looks on blogs. Plus, I have a client that goes every year {she is a beauty buyer for a major store} so I’m anxious to see her at our next appointment to get all the scoop! Fall always begins a new chapter in our closets {and fashion week starts it out right}, where you have to almost re-invent your style just to stay warm. Fall makes living in the Midwest worth it, because for those months and months of high heat and then freezing temps we can cling to the “remember fall?” and it will make {at least me} smile. {Or you can grab a pumpkin spice latte to remember the good times as well.} In honor of this beautiful season {And Fashion Week} I have made an inspiration board; it’s all the clothes, hairstyle, and just people that will inspire the looks this fall {for me and my clients}.When I was younger I had a manilla folder that was labeled “Outfits and Hair” and was filled to the brim with rip-outs from magazines, pictures I had drawn, and etc. Now we have Pintrest for that, but I like to combine them all still into one image to help keep my head in the game.  More than likely I will need to make a couple boards after Fashion Week, seeing as that there will be millions of amazing outfits gracing my computer screen and I’m sure my brain will be in overload. Try making your own Inspiration Board to help you figure out your personal style, what image you want to project to the world, and possibly just something pretty to look at!



So enjoy NYFW from wherever you are, be it a small town in the Midwest like me or from the rows behind a runway! Much Love- Jenny

PS- Want to watch LIVE FEED from New York? I know that’s what I’ll be doing all week! Here is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Home page, for everything fashion week!



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