You can’t see my feet in these shoes.

Camo. Usually saved for the hunters and rednecks of America, but now is on fashionistas radar. I myself have never been too big of a fan of the pattern since I grew up in a hunters house but lately I’ve been seeing it on accessories and I am ok with that. In small doses I think camo can look very chic, and I’m not the only one who thinks so! Fashion magazines everywhere are toting camo as one of the top fall 2013 trends. Needless to say I brought these flats out last night to meet my friend K for drinks and I’ll be pairing them with a lot this season. IMG_9302{Flats-Target. Like always I scored them on sale, paid under $5 for them!}

Even if you are skittish of this trend try it out in a simple way, add it in a bracelet or a belt. That way you don’t end up looking like a hunter about to put up his deer stand. I paired these with a long mint green blazer and a gray tee, but I definitely will be mixing patterns with these. I am thinking a cute striped sweater would look on par with these for sure! Happy trending! Much Love- Jenny


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