A Night on The Town Kinda Dress.

There I was, walking down the aisles of Target minding my own business, when I came across a huge display that said “Nordstrom Collection for Target”. Then, I saw it. My heart skipped a beat, I was short of breathe, and for a split second everything in my life made sense. I was in love, no doubt about that. I had never felt this way before, I wasn’t sure how to react, I mean there have been others but they never made me feel this way. I hightailed it over and was dialing my best friend at the same time, she had to know I had just met “The One”. Hello? Hi, it’s me I found it! Huh? I found the perfect dress! I need you to take me out to a nice dinner downtown. Ok I will! Yes my friends,  I had found it. The perfect dress. It looked like a 60’s cocktail dress and I just had to to have it, so I came up with a reason to get it! Drinks and dinner downtown is the perfect place to wear a gorgeous cocktail dress, and this particular one inspired a night out that will sure to be repeated many times in the future.

IMG_8779Dress- Lela Rose, Nordstrom’s for Target. Shoes- ClothesEnvy.com, Bag- H&M

We went to RPM Italiano {Which in case you aren’t aware is Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s restaurant} and it was every bit of swanky yet homey that you would want.



Drinks were delicious and the menu was extensive {even a gluten free menu, I got the pasta it was insanely delicious.}



Since we were downtown we had to make a stop at the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, worth every penny.



So here’s to girls nights that end in cupcakes, gorgeous cocktail dresses, and pasta. Have a wonderful week! Much Love, Jenny



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