What To Wear: To A Country Music Concert.

This Sunday I am blessed enough to be able to attend a concert by my favorite female country artist of all time, MIRANDA LAMBERT! One of my good friends Kelly and I are heading up to Wisconsin to have some good drinks, hopefully a chocolate frozen banana {it’s been years since I’ve had one and the hours of watching Arrested Development has re-ignited that craving. Thanks Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand}, and some really good music. I have always planned my outfits for an event I am looking forward to in advance and this concert is no exception.  If you have any quandaries about what is festival or concert appropriate, fear not I am here to answer them. This is the perfect outfit for a fashion conscious girl but still wants to look a little country. I gotta stay true to my small town roots!
  Country Music Concert

Crop top

ADA Collection chain bracelet

LK Designs black leather bracelet
$120 – pret-a-beaute.com

Chan Luu graduation jewelry

Chunky chain jewelry

Chain glasses
If you have never listened to Miranda Lambert I urge you to youtube some of her stuff. She is a fierce and amazing woman with pipes that will blow you away! Her songs really reach out to you in almost any situation that you are or have been going through. My favorite song of the moment that I cannot wait to hear her perform is this one…
This is also a classic that you can’t go wrong with, it will help heal your broken heart. Mostly by singing the lyrics angrily in your car. Don’t deny that you do that, we all do!
So here’s to good friends, cute outfits, and some darn good country music! Much Love- Jenny

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