The Little 27 Year Old Who Lived In Her Shoes.

Accessories are the key to any outfit., and possibly the key to my heart.  My Mom also happens to be a shoe addict so I can see where I get it, and that is what I use as my excuse. Hey, it’s genetic, I can’t help it! These are my favorite shoes of the moment. Some get a little bit more circulation in my fashion rotation but none the less I covet them all.


IMG_4466Pink flats with a silver toe top and grommets- Discovery.

IMG_9250Beige and Glitter heels- Shoedazzle

IMG_8583Teal Ankle Booties- Charlotte Russe

IMG_8178Black and White Strappy Heels-

IMG_4660Black Cut-Out Flats-Charlotte Russe

I am a heels girl {probably since the first time I was able to watch Sex and The City and saw Carrie Bradshaw flit around Manhattan in Manolo’s} but I can’t deny the comfort of a stylish flat. As a hairstylist I need comfortable shoes but I refuse to sacrifice style, much to the chagrin of my father! That’s why I love picking up the latest styles at Charlotte and Discovery, they are perfect for the budget conscious girl! Now I am off to go see the new movie The To Do List with Aubrey Plaza { sassy April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation} and hopefully have a cocktail with my cousin. Have a lovely Tuesday everyone! Much Love- Jenny

PS- The polish on my toes is called Butler Please by Essie. In case anyone was wondering!


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