Top 5. Accessories Edition.

I am a sucker for jewelry. Like grade A, wallet in, bank account sad, nuts for jewelry. To me accessories are one of the most important parts of your outfit, it can make or break it. These are some of my favorite right now that are perfect for summer!











{Nail polish color- Sunday Funday by Essie}

Each one of these accessories would be the perfect addition to any outfit and are very easy to find! My favorite of all favorites is the mirrored sunglasses. They go perfect with everything! I hope everyone has a wonderful day {and seeing that it’s Monday a wonderful week}. I am off to visit my BFF J and her new baby boy {new Mama needs some coffee!} and then I’ll venture into the city to watch the Blackhawks game! GO HAWKS! Much Love- Jenny


The Eye Of The Tiger.

Just a quick peak at my outfit from today. I worked at the salon so like always I was in mostly black with a touch of white.

Photo on 6-20-13 at 12.55 PM #3

I saw this crop tee at TJ Maxx and instantly knew it would be a staple in my summer wardrobe. It goes with almost anything and depending on how you style it, can be worn to work. I obviously work in a creative environment so my “work clothes” are different that someone in a corporate office, but throw on a blazer over it and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work!

Photo on 6-20-13 at 12.56 PM #8

One of my favorite watches { I own about 10} from Charming Charlie’s and just an accent bracelet that I can’t recall where I bought it! I almost always layer my bracelets and watches, I’m a fan of layering!

Photo on 6-20-13 at 9.55 PM #4

Since it is a longer crop top {you can barely see my skin poke out even when I lift up my arms} I felt that by pairing it with a high waisted skirt, I would make it appropriate for work. You never want to show too much skin at your job no matter how creative the environment. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and have a great weekend! Happy Friday!!!! Much Love- Jenny

PS- I want to share with you my new favorite Starbucks drink created by one of the baristas as their “Drink of the Day”.



{It’s a Caffe Vanilla Bean Frap with a shot of Cinnamon Dolce Latte Syrup, the cinnamon bun frap! Seriously, TRY IT. }

Interview with a Blogger. Jenna Edition.

I recently sat down with Jenna of “Black and White Affair” over cocktails and sushi to discuss her views on fashion, her taste in music, trends of the summer, and many other things. We had a lovely dinner with some amazing drinks, and it’s safe to say that was the beginning of many more nights of gossip and sushi.



Jenna’s style can be described as vintage modern with a bohemian twist. Her fashion icons are; Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Erin Wasson, Lily Aldridge, Olivia Palermo, and Zoe Saldana.




Her ideal outfit is the epitome of comfortable chic, combining dark skinny jeans with her favorite pair of brown buckled ankle booties, an oversized sweater, a big scarf, and of course a pair of shades. An outfit sure to grace computer screens on blogs and Pintrest for years to come. She styled some outfits for this post {that are a bit more summer appropriate} that I think will inspire some little fashionistas out there!






IMG_6619{ Outfits are her own and styled by Jenna.}

Her favorite places to score some cute but budget friendly items are Forever 21, Charming Charlies, TJ Maxx {which if you are a regular reader of mine you know that’s my ultimate store}, and Marshall’s.

One of the biggest factors that sets Jenna’s blog apart is her love for the band, The Maine.


{Photo from Jenna’s blog.}

She is one of the lucky ones that gets to go backstage and interview them, having made contact with them a couple years ago when she worked for her college newspaper. She had a press and photo pass so the rest is history! The Maine’s album progression over the years and the fact that they are the same age and that their music has transitioned with her life events as well are what attracts her to them. They were working for a major label and decided to leave them because the label wanted them to go in a different direction than they wanted, which shows lots of courage and she respects that! She is the epitome of a devoted fan, dedicating her time and blog space to them! Take a listen and see what all her commotion is about!

Something I am always interested in when I speak with other bloggers is why they do it. What inspired them to start up their own blog and more importantly why they keep going with it. Jenna had some great answers for me!

“I love writing (it’s what I do for a living) and fashion, but the real reason I wanted to start my own blog was to create a space to talk about the things I am most interested in, and thus came the topics that surround art, books, fashion and music. I think that blogging is as much of a personal experience as it is to connect with other individuals who are passionate about the same things as you.”

“My favorite thing about being a blogger is connecting with other people who enjoy the same things I do. When I write a post, it’s great to get feedback from readers. My goal is to introduce new music and fashion inspiration through my writing, to update those who already like/follow my blog and to reach new audiences that have similar styles in both music and fashion. It’s really just a big learning experience and a great way know what’s happening in the industry and in my life (not that anyone really cares about the latter).”
On a parting note she would like to see more neon pieces this summer, to brighten up the streets of chicago.
Check her blog out @
Tweet at her @jennasalak
Instagram @ jennasalak
So enjoy this gorgeous Tuesday and get outside for some of it! Much Love- Jenny!





Tapas and Crop Tops.

Last night I went to celebrate my BFF L’s birthday at “Cafe Ba Ba-Reeba and the food was so delicious we will definitely be back for more!

{Who doesn’t love a cocktail and a Coach bag?}
My favorite dish had to be the Sweet Potato Bravas served with pomegranate alioli. Surprisingly the best potatoes I have ever had at a restaurant. And believe me I’m a woman who loves potatoes!

Cafe Ba Ba-Reeba is also the home of the yummiest sangria I have ever had! Make sure to grab a pitcher at your next dinner!
Now onto the outfit…



{Top- Discovery, Skirt- unknown, Shoes- Target, Clutch- Coach.} {tutorial on the heavy curls featured in this post coming soon!}
I’ve been needing it to get warmer out so I could wear this crop top out, and Saturday night was beautiful out! All in all it was a pretty perfect night spent with my amazing best friend! Happy early birthday darlin’! I hope everyone has a great week filled with all the blessings God has to give you! Much Love- Jenny
(Make sure you check out my next post all about my blogger friend Jenna!)

A Lovely Day for Stripes.

I have always enjoyed the chic combination of black & white, there is something so glamorous and French about it. On my days off from the salon I try to stay away from black seeing as that the color is exhausted during the week, but this is slowly becoming a go-to dress of mine.

Photo on 5-30-13 at 11.05 AM



Photo on 5-30-13 at 11.05 AM #2


Photo on 5-30-13 at 11.07 AM #5


Photo on 5-30-13 at 11.07 AM #9{Dress- TJ Maxx (honestly where else for me?), necklace- Charming Charlies.}

I added colorful accessories because I am a sucker for color, but it would look wonderful with all black & white as well. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Much Love- Jenny