::opposites attract::

{Shirt and jeans- TJ Maxx}
For running around doing errands today I wanted to keep my outfit simple but colorful. I think it’s safe to say that I achieved that. I have an all black dress code at my salon so on my days off I like to be as colorful as I can without overdoing it! This look works because the jeans are a faded print and let the brightness of the tank top take center stage. I also kept my accessories simple by only wearing white button earrings and a pair of pointed black flats.

{Jeans- Discovery, Tee- unknown, Jacket- TJ Maxx (Steve Madden), flats- Discovery.}
This was another running around outfit that was just as comfortable as yoga pants and flip flops, but oh so more chic. I literally cried out loud when I found that denim & leather bomber jacket! So I hope your week is filled with great friends, good drinks, and fabulous outfits! Much love- Jenny


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