Spencer’s Jacket.

IMG_5172{Blazer, Striped Sweater, and Jeans: Forever 21, Bag- Shoe Dazzle, Boots- Windsor, Bandanna- Wal-Mart.}


The title of this post is referring to Spencer Hastings, a character on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” {which if you don’t watch you really need to, it’s AMAZING.} Spencer has a preppy sense of style but with a little bit of a funky flair and I feel like she would approve of and wear this jacket. Alas the post name.

IMG_5149I originally tied this bandanna into my hair to keep my bangs out of the way while I made pancakes this morning, but decided to leave it in because I thought it was a cute addition to a ponytail. Practical but pretty. I am a big lover of headbands, bandannas, scarves, and even mini-hats. I love dressing up my hair almost as much as dressing up my body!

IMG_5155It is a rarity that I wear this ring {it’s clunky and falls off a lot} but I couldn’t help slipping it on today when it caught my eye. I love this jewel encrusted lizard ring as much an anyone could and I feel it’s a funky addition to any outfit. {Except maybe a wedding dress, that would be out of place.}

IMG_5148Obviously these wedge boots are one of my favorites since I post about them all the time and this is my new bag that I purchased on Shoe Dazzle. Shout out to Jenna for finding it for me! I have been coveting the Celine Trapeze bag and this was my solution! Thanks Shoe Dazzle! {This could be a splurge vs. steal so prepare for that in the near future}. Much Love- Jenny

PS- I have to share my dinner from tonight, it was so delicious! They are called “Tofu Pups”, they are a vegetarian substitute for a hot dog, and they also happen to be gluten-free. My vegan/vegetarian/gluten free followers rejoice in a summer food that is homey and familiar. Prepare your grills!






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