Splurge VS. Steal

From a young age I had taste for the expensive life. I was convinced I was destined for a life filled with Prada bags, a private jet to fly to my private island, and designer clothes lining my huge closet. Then I grew up and realized that most people don’t have those luxuries and I more than likely wouldn’t as well. {Unless I marry a Prince, so if there is a Prince reading this, please email me and we can discuss marriage.} So as a girl in my twenties, hopelessly in love with fashion but lacking the funds to purchase the designers I covet, I have to come up with ways to fulfill my needs. That’s where my splurge vs steal post came from. I always on the hunt for items that look more expensive than they are, and I definitely have a gift for finding deals. My favorite stores include; Forever 21, Discovery, and TJ Maxx. It is hard for me not to find deals ands steals at these places, to the detriment of my bank account. I will be posting these as often as I find them, because I know I am not the only girl who wants the things she can’t afford!












{Splurge is from HauteLook and Save is from ShoeDazzle}

I don’t know about you but $39.99 is a little easier for me that $219.00 {and that is at 50% off ladies!}. Enjoy your Monday everyone! Much Love, Jenny



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