You can’t always be in 5″ heels.

I’ll admit it, I am a heels girl. Something about the way the click clack on the ground as you walk just makes me feel womanly. I will also admit, I am a chucks kinda girl too. I love being a girly girl and dressing to the nines, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it! So if I am running around or just going to a very low key bar I will go super casual. Like this…

IMG_5084{Honestly you could wear almost anything with that faux leather jacket thrown over it!}

Dark jeans. white tee, zip up hoodie, mint green bag, and my glasses complete my casual look. You can’t see but I was wearing amazing little booties with god sequins {and about a 3″ heel} to jazz the outfit up a bit. Although chucks would look amazing with this, I felt I needed a bit of sparkle. So enjoy your Saturday with whatever you are doing! I was so blessed that I got to spend most of the day with my best friends from high school honoring our cheer coach Robin who is retiring after 20 years as a coach! Congrats! Have a lovely weekend everyone! Much Love- Jenny

IMG_5081{My awesome nails compliments of Angel @ my salon using OPI No-Chip}


One thought on “You can’t always be in 5″ heels.

  1. Your bag is so awesome! I love the mint green color. I can totally relate to you when you mentioned that you love heels. I wear them practically everyday! Whether it’s rain or shine and whether I’m sick or not, when I throw on a pair of stilettos I feel instantly glamorous!

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