Silly Rabbit, this outfit is for a date!

Snapshots of what I wore on a date tonight.





{Ring available at}


{Check out my cool tuxedo nails.}




I think figuring out what to wear on a date is tricky. You don’t want to show too much skin but you don’t want to look like a Nun. {Unless you are a Nun, but then why are you on a date?} You want to look casual but not like you just woke up. Men do NOT understand the stress of dressing yourself for a date, and I doubt they ever will. My go-to outfit for dates, dinners, drinks, shopping, basically anything I do out in public is jeans with a blazer or a chambray shirt, plus heels. Heels to me are a must because I always feel sexier and more confidant in them, and that’s exactly what you want to feel on a date! I also sometimes will check my fashion board on Pintrest for inspiration! { (Follow me!)}. Enjoy your week! Much love- Jenny!


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