10 Degrees in Floral Pants.


This morning I decided to take my Dad to breakfast at Egg Harbor, a staple in Lake Geneva, WI. It’s known for their Harbor Potatoes, Door County Melt, and for me their amazing gluten-free menu. I had the pancakes with a side order of their potatoes and it was food heaven! If you are in the area I recommend that you stop here for a bite (or more) to eat! There are locations all over so just google (or ask Suri) for the closest one! Now I felt that it was appropriate to dress a tad bit little girl like for breakfast with my Pops. So I wore my floral pants (My Dad got a huge kick out of that the whole time we were out, he thought it was ridiculous to be wearing pants with flowers all over them in the winter) with my new Minnie Mouse sweatshirt. I added my studded chelsea boots to make sure it wasn’t “too” cutesy of an outfit though.


{Sweatshirt- Target, Pants-Discovery (Hot Kiss)}

IMG_3523                                                                          {Boots- Target}

IMG_3522So the next time you are trying to figure out what you want to wear think about reverting back to your style as a child, just make sure you add some killer boots! Here’s to a week filled with the color pink, lots of smiles, cocktails (like always with me), and time spent with friends! Much Love, Jenny


Sitting on the train, just blogging.

Walking around when it’s 27 degrees you have to make sure you stay warm!

These outfits kept us semi-warm but we still had to take a taxi back to Union Station because of the chill!

There was a 50% off sale at Forever 21 so I snapped up a bunch of awesome pieces for super cheap! Including a warm winter coat for $12! Have a wonderful day friends! Much Love- Jenny

Tan & Nails.

Happy Saturday! Quick post: I am loving my new bronzer. It’s hard for a pale Irish girl to find a bronzer that highlights and contours without making you look orange! Bare Escentuals sure hit the mark on that, the skinny dip is my new favorite compact in my makeup bag!


This is my favorite nail polish- Essie Fifth Avenue, inspired by Redken!
Enjoy the weekend! XOXO! Much Love, Jenny!

I have 10 minutes until my hair color is processed, so I’ll blog!

Hello everyone! Vegas was an interesting trip where I learned a lot about Redken, hair, and my drinking abilities. Also that I like slot machines. Here are some of the outfits I wore {obviously that is the most important part of my trip} and of course the bun!


{First night, on my way to New York New York!}

IMG_2347{On my way to class with a big bun and my $8 Starbucks. Vegas has expensive coffee.}

IMG_2636{My TopShop tights, yes they are one of the best things I have ever bought! Thanks Kate Moss!}

IMG_2637                                        {Fake lashes and pink lipstick for my evening out!}

So mix it up with tights, lipstick, and buns this week when you are dressing for an evening out or even work! I don’t recommend the stirrup tights for the office though….Much Love- Jenny