Wear it in different ways.

Something that’s important to know when you are on a budget, is how to put outfits together using the same core pieces. If you can do that, you have a wardrobe of many possibilities! I am definitely on a budget but hate wearing the same thing twice, so I mix up my outfits using different accessories, shoes, and etc. I am very big on layering, it’s one of the reasons why I love fall so much. {Winter requires too many layers, yep I am the goldilocks of layering.)

Image{Dress- Charlotte Russe, $29.00}

This is a simple white dress that with the right add-ons you could wear time and time again and people would compliment you on your cool look each time!

Image{Left: Skull chambray shirt-Discovery, earrings- Charming Charlie’s. Right: Jacket-Discovery, Hat- Charming Charlie’s, purse- TJ Maxx.}

Those are two very different looks but were a piece of cake to create. Plus, they are the perfect casual chic for a first date, concert, or just brunch with the girls! Here’s to a Tuesday filled with new looks, friends, and some good cocktails! Much Love- Jenny!


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