The Four on a Thursday. { A Lovely Thursday by the way.}

I haven’t been writing much lately and that is definitely something that I want to change in 2013. I am torn about making  resolutions  because while they are made with good intentions they are usually  un-realistic {I will lose 50 pounds, meet the man of my dreams while sitting at home, and become VP of my company} and un-attainable {I will find Bigfoot and also finally ride a unicorn}. Just as an FYI those are NOT my resolutions. I do love the idea of making a New Years Promise to yourself that you will try and make real changes in your life. Mine are sort of simple and really just relate to everyday life. I want to go out and explore the cities I live near more, book a couple trips, obviously concentrate on my blog, save up my money for something substantial, bake more, spend time with my good friends as much as I can, and just look at the world with an overall positive view. That all being said I just want to share with you some of my favorite things as of lately.



The Key Project! Paint the top of our keys with your favorite nail polish {I used Essie Good as Gold} and then add some different colored polka dots with a bobby pin! {Tutorial for polka dot nails is coming so keep an eye out!}

shopThe Neiman Marcus Collection at Target was a huge hit with me, I am a sucker for designer items on sale! I snapped up all of this plus a gorgeous Lela Rose dress{ that I am sure I will profile on here} and I couldn’t be happier. {From left Gold Marc Jacobs clutch, Rose Marc Jacobs clutch, Marc Jacobs scarf, Merona brown leather gloves {those were not part of the collection but I bought them the same day and I really like them}, and a Tory Burch thermos.}

photoI love this gorgeous ring my best friend L gave me for Christmas, it’s the perfect combination of chunky and sparkle! {Ring-Forever 21}

And last but not least……

photoI know I have written about Amy’s Organics Frozen Meals before but this is a new one! I am a dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian so finding delicious meals that are also comfort food are a little hard to come by. This version of mac n’ cheese truly takes the cake from any other that I have ever tried.

As always thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely day! Here’s to nicer weather {I am ready for summer again}, coffee, promises, and happy news! Much Love, Jenny!

PS- I would also like to TOAST my best friend J and her hubby I, they found out today that their little Sprout is doing well! Get out the non-alcoholic Glug girl!





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