I love walking around the city when it’s 30 degrees out.

Last night it was about 30 degrees in Milwaukee, so naturally me and my friends decided to bar hop down Water street. It was freezing out but the combination of laughter, booze, and fun kept me warm! As always I contemplated what to wear, I had to dress semi-warm if I was going to walk around the city. So I chose to wear skinny jeans, tucked into boots and topped with a pastel billowy shirt. To keep me warm I wore a leather bomber with a faux fur collar, and believe me I stayed warm!







I hope everyone had as an amazing weekend as I did! Here’s to finding a new city in which to fall in love with! Much Love, Jenny!


Friday Night Boots.

Some say its all in the accessories, and I would be one of those people. I also am someone who routinely says “why bother buying something if it isn’t on sale?”.

This is my new favorite necklace that I loved so much I gifted it to my two best friends as well! Now we all have matching necklaces. {this was only $2 in the clearance section}

These boots rock my world right now because they are comfy and adorable at the same time. Plus they only cost me $35, who wouldn’t love that?
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Much Love, Jenny!