Message in a Bottle.

Ever since I was little I have wanted to walk along the shore {of Lake Michigan since I am a Mid-Western girl but a shore nonetheless} and have a bottle wash up at my feet. I would bend down and open it to find a long lost love letter inside. {Sound the romantic music and waves crashing.} Well, that never happened {mostly because I can’t recall a time where I was aimlessly walking along the shore looking melancholy} but don’t fret my friends! I made one myself yesterday as a necklace and it couldn’t be cuter! I’ve recently begun creating my own jewelery and headbands and thought what better way to bring a childhood dream back? This new hobby of mine is delightful…and also time consuming. That’s ok thought because I got some really cool pieces out of it!

Message in a Bottle Necklace

You Will Need:


-Bottle charm

-Leather cord {or whatever you want your necklace to hang on}

-1 Clasp {make sure it is large enough to fit over your cord}

-Small piece of paper to write your message on.

{All materials were purchased at Hobby Lobby.}

All you do is….measure the length of the necklace, cut where desired, open a clasp with your pliers to fasten it to the charm, slip the charm and clasp onto the cord, pop in that note, and viola a gorgeous custom necklace!

This was a fun and simple project on my day off and I hope that others will start creating their own pieces as well! Have a wonderful week filled with new experiences, amazing friends, and possibly some SPF. As for me I will be spending the weekend with my best friends out on the lake. What gets better than that? Full report Monday! Much Love, Jenny.




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