beach bunny.

I am one of those rare creature who does not want a tan. Oh, I’ll go to the tanning salon and get a spray tan {which reminds me it’s $10 Mystic Monday, better get a move on to the salon} but I will never go into a tanning bed or lay out with SPF 4. I like to practice safe sun, plus I don’t want to look like a wrinkly old mess when I’m 40. That being said I really enjoy being outside or laying on the beach. Which is why SPF 50 is my friend, lathered or sprayed all over me several times during my outside adventures. Yesterday I spent Sunday Funday laying out at the beach enjoying gossip and some carefully concealed drinks. It was a wonderful day that will hopefully be repeated several more times this summer.

{I bought several bikini tops to mix and match with different bottoms. I love a fun, mis-matched, and coloful bikini!}

                                                     {Random Beach art.}

{What better to enjoy a sun-filled adventure than by doing it with a fishtail braid and wearing aviators?}

Here’s to a wonderful week filled with sunscreen, daiquiri’s {slowly becoming a fave summer drink of mine}, friends, and adventures. Whatever they may be! Much Love- Jenny


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