Sweet Summertime.

Hello my friends! I have been gone for awhile enjoying all that summer has to offer and neglecting my blog! I’m sure everyone has to been on the EDGE of their seat waiting to hear from me {wink} so I promise that I am going to be better about it! Lots of fun things are coming up {I have a long list on my phone of future ideas/projects for Lace Love Affair} so stay tuned! As for now I shall say that my summer has been going swimmingly….

{These are Mango and Strawberry Daiquiri’s FYI, and yes they we delish.}

So enjoy your day and the rest of your week! Thursday brings us one day closer to the weekend! Much Love, Jenny


2 thoughts on “Sweet Summertime.

  1. I like the creativity you used. Nice layout! You seem very seasoned at using the tools on here. And quite worldly. Sounds like you see quite a few exotic places. The cocktail description was very nice… made me want to go there and have one!

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