beach bunny.

I am one of those rare creature who does not want a tan. Oh, I’ll go to the tanning salon and get a spray tan {which reminds me it’s $10 Mystic Monday, better get a move on to the salon} but I will never go into a tanning bed or lay out with SPF 4. I like to practice safe sun, plus I don’t want to look like a wrinkly old mess when I’m 40. That being said I really enjoy being outside or laying on the beach. Which is why SPF 50 is my friend, lathered or sprayed all over me several times during my outside adventures. Yesterday I spent Sunday Funday laying out at the beach enjoying gossip and some carefully concealed drinks. It was a wonderful day that will hopefully be repeated several more times this summer.

{I bought several bikini tops to mix and match with different bottoms. I love a fun, mis-matched, and coloful bikini!}

                                                     {Random Beach art.}

{What better to enjoy a sun-filled adventure than by doing it with a fishtail braid and wearing aviators?}

Here’s to a wonderful week filled with sunscreen, daiquiri’s {slowly becoming a fave summer drink of mine}, friends, and adventures. Whatever they may be! Much Love- Jenny


I can dress myself.

What is better than your go-to LBD and a one of a kind necklace? Oh yeah a steaming cup of coffee to go with it. Plus some killer nails. Oh and some cartoons. SO basically what I am saying is that I rocked it this morning. Then off to work to do some hair. Saturdays, I don’t always love you. But today I did! Love, me.

{Sitting pretty waiting to be worn.} {Not shown but paired this with some awesome camel flats and mismatched gold studs.}

{Rocking from pinky to thumbnail:Essie-Blanc, Essie-Case Study accented with polka dots using a white nail polish pen, Essie-Good as Gold {their new metallics line}, Essie-Blanc again, and OPI- A-Taupe The Space Needle. Can you tell that I am sort-of obsessed with Essie?} {All nails were prepped with CND Toughen Up Base Coat and finished with CND Air Dry Top Coat.}

{Close up of this gorgeous gifted bauble to me by my best friends Mama, and my second Mama. It is from Ginger Blossom’s in Richmond, IL. Check them out if you want amazing items from all over the world! She thinks this necklace is from India, but couldn’t remember! It will always be close to my heart because it was such a thoughtful gift!}

I hope your Saturday was as lovely as mine, let the weekend live on! As for me I am going to the beach tomorrow with my new book {Savages, cannot wait to read}, my SPF 50 {I always practice safe sun}, and some pre-made frozen drinks. Happy trails. Much Love- Jenny

Sweet Summertime.

Hello my friends! I have been gone for awhile enjoying all that summer has to offer and neglecting my blog! I’m sure everyone has to been on the EDGE of their seat waiting to hear from me {wink} so I promise that I am going to be better about it! Lots of fun things are coming up {I have a long list on my phone of future ideas/projects for Lace Love Affair} so stay tuned! As for now I shall say that my summer has been going swimmingly….

{These are Mango and Strawberry Daiquiri’s FYI, and yes they we delish.}

So enjoy your day and the rest of your week! Thursday brings us one day closer to the weekend! Much Love, Jenny