Would you walk to the edge of the ocean, just to fill my jar with sand?

I have a burning love for country music. It isn’t just that I like it, I actually feel the music in my heart. Country music is more than just a genre of music, it’s a lifestyle and it becomes a part of you. This past weekend I was blessed enough to be able to go to the Brad Paisley concert at Wrigley Field and it was awesome to see him live again! The people and the music really made it into a fun show! Jerrod Neimann, Chris Young, The Band Perry, Miranda Lambert, and The Pistol Annies were his openers and if you have never heard any of them take the time to check them out. Especially The Band Perry and The Pistol Annies. This weekend was definitely a fun one and June promises way more fun as well! We drank Bud Light Lime, walked in Chicago on a gorgeous night, I got to wear my cowboy boots {always a happy occasion for me}, and I enjoyed the company of some of my good friends. What makes a girl happier? Much Love- Jenny


I Solemnly Swear That I am Up To No Good.

I’ve been gone awhile from the wonderful world of blogging due to technology issues (meaning the internet stopped working and we couldn’t figure out how to get it back on) but I am back and excited to start sharing my  prelude to summer {and eventually summer} with everyone. As for now all I have is what I did tonight. Drank an Illinois wine and watched Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t want to spend their Tuesday night like that? Much Love- Jenny