Sweet Like Candy to my Soul.

This week I decided to do my “HOW TO” on Thursday instead of Tuesday, busy busy week! Anyways something I look forward to every year is the first batch of sweet tea that will only taste good as spring starts to wind down and summer starts to peak out from behind the clouds. This week began that slow {and painful} process in my small town so I thought I would whip up this tea and make it a good day! I call it sugar pie sweet tea because 1, it’s a cute name, and 2, it’s so sweet you feel like you are drinking candy! Hence my nod to Dave Matthews as my post name. Make this tea with the thought that possibly it makes waiting for summer not as awful! Here’s to an amazing weekend filled with friends, candy {haha}, and hopefully some good weather! Much Love- Jenny

Sugar Pie Sweet Tea

2 cups cold water

6 Bags of Tea

1 cup sugar {I use Sugar in the Raw but you can try whatever you like}

A pretty pitcher {it just tastes better when it comes from a cute pitcher}

Bring the 2 cups of water to a boil. put the tea bags in, let them sit for a good 5 minutes {once the water looks very dark brown you are good}, turn the flame off. pour the sugar in and stir, take the tea bags out, pour your tea into your pitcher {be careful it’s HOT}, fill the remaining space in the pitcher with ice cold water {and if you are serving right away lots of ice cubes}, stir, ENJOY!


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