We meet in the strangest of situations.

Last night I re-watched the movie “Sabrina” and fell head over heels for Humphrey Bogart. {As you can tell by this and earlier posts I am a HUGE fan of Audrey Hepburn, I have decided to watch everything she has ever been in.} His gentlemenly ways and buisness man smuggness is something to be desired, they just don’t make men like that anymore. Not to say Mr. Bogart was perfect, that he wasn’t. I just long for the days when men asked women to dinner and dancing, everyone dressed up, they had an elegant dinner, spoke with eloquence, and there was a simple kiss goodnight at the door with the promise of a beautful love affair to follow. Is that too much for me to ask for? Hahaha maybe or maybe not, but I am still waiting for someone who carries themselves like  Humphrey, Dean, or Gregory. Much Love- Jenny


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