No, not the restaurant my friends. The underground transportation people take in NYC. No I did not have the pleasure of riding the subway, but while sitting in the back of a cab {hahaha} I took this picture…

I think that this picture really captures a lot of what New York is about. Crowds, cabs, and the Subway. So as I sit here sipping my champagne and writing about one of the greatest cities in America, I hope you can hear all the honking, smell the exhaust from the cabs, and feel people running into you without shame because when I look at this picture I sure do. If you have never lived or vistited New York you probably won’t understand, check back when you do! Now off to elevate my foot {oh yeah no big deal I broke some toes on my visit}, drink some more champagne when this flute is empty, and watch “The Object of My Affection” starring my man Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. Yes, I did go to video store and rent that, and no I am not ashamed. Here’s to a fun Saturday night!! Much Love, Jenny!


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