Suburgatory. Not really but I thought this would catch everyone’s attention! Hahahaha….anyways I am home from New York and I had a wonderful trip. Being in New York gives me a sense of calm that I can only describe as fitting in. I feel at home among thousands of people who walk around in their own little worlds doing and wearing whatever they want. New York is definitely #1 in culture, fashion, and crowds. {Chicago, don’t fret you are still my favorite!} I will be posting here and there little stories about my trip and the outfits I wore {and will continue to wear since that city inspires my look} so please check back for all the good stuff.

Something I did notice is every bar has a bevy of men in their 20’s and early 30’s, all drinking exquisite cocktails, and wearing suits. {This is not something I ever see in Chicago, it is more men in Cubs/Bears/Blackhawks t-shirts drinking buckets of beer.} Being a woman who can appreciate a fine suit I was in bar heaven. Especially at this place called The Social Table, on 8th. Yummy drinks, service was awesome {I was expecting rudeness and what I got was kindness}, and it seemed to be the place for young buisness-men to go to for Happy Hour. As the hours went on it turned into a young hip place to be where we met some great people and if I lived there I would make it my regular spot! {We also met this fabulous guy named Micheal who was my constant savior when a random man came up to talk to us, he was a dancer and introduced us to a bunch of his dancer friends. And when I say dancer I mean like Broadway in case there was some confusion…}So if you live in NY head over to Midtown, get a Cotton Candy Martini, and take your pick of available men in suits. That’s my recommendation! Off to work now, I will write later! Much Love- Jenny


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