I Want A Sunday Kind of Love.

Well bloggers it’s been freezing out around me so I haven’t been feeling up to taking pictures of my outfits! Plus, I have been desperatly clinging to the week of 80 degree weather we had so it’s been all “summer summer summer” in my head. I will not admit that it is March and it being 50 degrees is normal. So all I really have for you today is a little mash-up of pictures I have taken of things I love. Coincidently they are mostly from the summer…

{Gorgeous picture of the sky when I as driving to work one day, White Trash Mimosas @ O’Donovans in Chicago, The view up into the trees from my parents deck, Crazy green drinks{cannot remember the names of them)  from Dicks Last Resort in Chicago, My town becomes a lake community over the summer and that was a picture of a pier during one of our boat days, Wrigley Field during the summer is a magical place, Starbucks, The Bean at Millenium Park, and martini’s with my best friends. So in conclusion I am VERY ready for summer! I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! Much Love- Jenny

PS- My friend Tammy sent me this picture, it describes us to a “T” and I hope everyone uses this as their personal mantra! Or at least one of them…I have like a million! ( :



2 thoughts on “I Want A Sunday Kind of Love.

  1. Urg, I too am desperate for summer. Every time I open my closet and I see all of my summer dresses I get excited – but then I look outside and remember that it’s bloody freezing and well…that excitement disappears pretty darn quickly.

    I absolutely cannot wait!

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