Sweet Like Candy to my Soul.

This week I decided to do my “HOW TO” on Thursday instead of Tuesday, busy busy week! Anyways something I look forward to every year is the first batch of sweet tea that will only taste good as spring starts to wind down and summer starts to peak out from behind the clouds. This week began that slow {and painful} process in my small town so I thought I would whip up this tea and make it a good day! I call it sugar pie sweet tea because 1, it’s a cute name, and 2, it’s so sweet you feel like you are drinking candy! Hence my nod to Dave Matthews as my post name. Make this tea with the thought that possibly it makes waiting for summer not as awful! Here’s to an amazing weekend filled with friends, candy {haha}, and hopefully some good weather! Much Love- Jenny

Sugar Pie Sweet Tea

2 cups cold water

6 Bags of Tea

1 cup sugar {I use Sugar in the Raw but you can try whatever you like}

A pretty pitcher {it just tastes better when it comes from a cute pitcher}

Bring the 2 cups of water to a boil. put the tea bags in, let them sit for a good 5 minutes {once the water looks very dark brown you are good}, turn the flame off. pour the sugar in and stir, take the tea bags out, pour your tea into your pitcher {be careful it’s HOT}, fill the remaining space in the pitcher with ice cold water {and if you are serving right away lots of ice cubes}, stir, ENJOY!


We meet in the strangest of situations.

Last night I re-watched the movie “Sabrina” and fell head over heels for Humphrey Bogart. {As you can tell by this and earlier posts I am a HUGE fan of Audrey Hepburn, I have decided to watch everything she has ever been in.} His gentlemenly ways and buisness man smuggness is something to be desired, they just don’t make men like that anymore. Not to say Mr. Bogart was perfect, that he wasn’t. I just long for the days when men asked women to dinner and dancing, everyone dressed up, they had an elegant dinner, spoke with eloquence, and there was a simple kiss goodnight at the door with the promise of a beautful love affair to follow. Is that too much for me to ask for? Hahaha maybe or maybe not, but I am still waiting for someone who carries themselves like  Humphrey, Dean, or Gregory. Much Love- Jenny


No, not the restaurant my friends. The underground transportation people take in NYC. No I did not have the pleasure of riding the subway, but while sitting in the back of a cab {hahaha} I took this picture…

I think that this picture really captures a lot of what New York is about. Crowds, cabs, and the Subway. So as I sit here sipping my champagne and writing about one of the greatest cities in America, I hope you can hear all the honking, smell the exhaust from the cabs, and feel people running into you without shame because when I look at this picture I sure do. If you have never lived or vistited New York you probably won’t understand, check back when you do! Now off to elevate my foot {oh yeah no big deal I broke some toes on my visit}, drink some more champagne when this flute is empty, and watch “The Object of My Affection” starring my man Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. Yes, I did go to video store and rent that, and no I am not ashamed. Here’s to a fun Saturday night!! Much Love, Jenny!


Suburgatory. Not really but I thought this would catch everyone’s attention! Hahahaha….anyways I am home from New York and I had a wonderful trip. Being in New York gives me a sense of calm that I can only describe as fitting in. I feel at home among thousands of people who walk around in their own little worlds doing and wearing whatever they want. New York is definitely #1 in culture, fashion, and crowds. {Chicago, don’t fret you are still my favorite!} I will be posting here and there little stories about my trip and the outfits I wore {and will continue to wear since that city inspires my look} so please check back for all the good stuff.

Something I did notice is every bar has a bevy of men in their 20’s and early 30’s, all drinking exquisite cocktails, and wearing suits. {This is not something I ever see in Chicago, it is more men in Cubs/Bears/Blackhawks t-shirts drinking buckets of beer.} Being a woman who can appreciate a fine suit I was in bar heaven. Especially at this place called The Social Table, on 8th. Yummy drinks, service was awesome {I was expecting rudeness and what I got was kindness}, and it seemed to be the place for young buisness-men to go to for Happy Hour. As the hours went on it turned into a young hip place to be where we met some great people and if I lived there I would make it my regular spot! {We also met this fabulous guy named Micheal who was my constant savior when a random man came up to talk to us, he was a dancer and introduced us to a bunch of his dancer friends. And when I say dancer I mean like Broadway in case there was some confusion…}So if you live in NY head over to Midtown, get a Cotton Candy Martini, and take your pick of available men in suits. That’s my recommendation! Off to work now, I will write later! Much Love- Jenny

It’s just another Manic Monday.

2 days until I leave for New York and I am beyond excited. So excited that this sleepyhead woke up at 5:30am and couldn’t fall back to sleep to save my life. {I normaly wake up around 10 or 11 so you can see why that is surprising}. Since I have so much to do today I am going to keep this short and sweet! Yesterday I went shopping for some last minute essentials {or so I thought, I have a million other things that I need today} with my cousin Jill and I obviously just wanted to be comfy while I ran around the mall and various other shops. So I chose the no-fail chic outfit. Colored jeans and a blazer. It is just as comfy as regular jeans and a sweatshirt but is put together and classic.

{Blazer-TJ Maxx, Shirt-Discovery, Jeans-TJ Maxx, Shoes-Payless}

So remember this post when you are trying to think of a comfy outfit to wear! You don’t want to end up having to answer to Stacy and Clinton on “What Not to Wear” do you? Here’s to a happy week filled with beautiful outfits, wonderful friends, and for me a birthday and traveling! Much Love- Jenny

I Want A Sunday Kind of Love.

Well bloggers it’s been freezing out around me so I haven’t been feeling up to taking pictures of my outfits! Plus, I have been desperatly clinging to the week of 80 degree weather we had so it’s been all “summer summer summer” in my head. I will not admit that it is March and it being 50 degrees is normal. So all I really have for you today is a little mash-up of pictures I have taken of things I love. Coincidently they are mostly from the summer…

{Gorgeous picture of the sky when I as driving to work one day, White Trash Mimosas @ O’Donovans in Chicago, The view up into the trees from my parents deck, Crazy green drinks{cannot remember the names of them)  from Dicks Last Resort in Chicago, My town becomes a lake community over the summer and that was a picture of a pier during one of our boat days, Wrigley Field during the summer is a magical place, Starbucks, The Bean at Millenium Park, and martini’s with my best friends. So in conclusion I am VERY ready for summer! I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! Much Love- Jenny

PS- My friend Tammy sent me this picture, it describes us to a “T” and I hope everyone uses this as their personal mantra! Or at least one of them…I have like a million! ( :