Who doesn’t love a good tu-tu?

I’ll make this short and sweet today…I love “Sex and the City”. Carrie Bradshaw is one of my fashion icons (although we really should praise Patricia Fields since she was the one who came up with those iconic outfits but only people in the fashion world really know her name) and she always will be. Whenever I am down I turn to the SATC crew to make me feel better with their comedic , girl empowering, and fashion forward episodes. SO (yet again) I was feeling inspired by a character and put together this outfit inspired by Carrie in the opening sequence of SATC. Unfortunately I did not get to flit around the city in it, I went to work!

{Everything looks better in black and white, right?}

{Top- Discovery, Skirt- Target {little girl’s section though)}

{The sparkly waistband really breaks up the monotomy of the black and adds a playful punch to this outfit!)

{My awesome new lizard ring. Found this in a bargain bin at Payless Shoes for $3!}

Grab some inpiration from your favorite television and movie characters and put together some awesome outfits this week! Much Love- Jenny


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