The first day of spring…

Today is an amazing day! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL outside, but I had the blessing of being able to take a walk with my Dad this morning, enjoy the weather on the deck while I drank my coffee, and I had the good fortune to have yummy mexican food with a good friend last night! All in all this week is shaping up to be pretty amazing, now I just need some super weekend plans to complete the week!

My gluten and dairy free tofu scramble with hash browns and slices of tomato. This was a pre-packaged meal from Amy’s Kitchen {a company dedicated to producing delicious and nourishing frozen meals for health- concsious people}, I usually don’t like eating pre-packaged meals because they usually have a billion ingredients, but Amy’s food is very clean and I recommend it!! This was so good I am going to HAVE to purchase it again! { I also know this has nothing to do with the weather but I really wanted to share it! So oh well!}

My fun red jeans paired with casual shoes, yesterday sitting on my deck on the phone! {I completed this outfit with a ribbed black tank top and a statement necklace, photo to be added later!}

The Deck at El Puerto where Kelly and I had our first Margarita Monday! It was perfect weather for sitting on the lake!

Best Margarita in Fox Lake! Plus I love the background of this picture…it really doesn’t get better than being on the lake! Can you tell that is one of my happy places?

This morning enjoying coffee on the deck in one of the MANY coffee cups I have! {I have started a collection of fun and interesting cups, I have no idea why but I love them!}

SO if you are in the Chicago-land area PLEASE get out and enjoy this magnificent weather! Have a wonderful day! Much Love-Jenny


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