When you wake up covered in glitter….

Hello my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! I know I did…I spent the evening in Wrigleyville (Chicago in case you don’t know) and it was an awesome time! Now Wrigleyville is always a good time but seeing as that this was a holiday, Clark St. was closed off, people were dancing in the streets, there was green as far as the eye could see, and cops were milling around all over….this was probably one of the most interesting times I have been there!

The day started off right with the weather being so nice lately! Notice that it says a high of 79!! It stayed that weather all night it felt like!

My awesome hat from Party City. No joke, this tiny hat was the shining star of my night It had glitter on it, it said the word “wee-bit”, and it was miniature! Who wouldn’t want to wear that all night! Well I did! I wore it from 7am-3:30am the next day…that’s how awesome that hat is!

My holiday themed nails! You must go all out with green for St. Patrick’s Day and my friend Krystyn helped me do just that!

Here’s to a week of glitter, cocktails, and good friends! Much Love- Jenny

Ps- Happy St. Joseph’s Day to my Italian friends! XOXO!


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