Vino, Food, what else?

This weekend was a stay at home kind-of weekend. That doesn’t mean I was devoid of good drinks and food though! I made a gluten and dairy free veggie pizza {I have really been missing pizza lately so it was a must have}, gluten and dairy free mac n’ “cheese”, and I had a bottle of my favorite wine, who couldn’t help but smile? I am definitely a fan of the vino! I first tried a Moscato D’ Asti at The Vine in Grayslake {if you are from around me you NEED to go there, awesome drinks, food, the service is great, plus there are some pretty cute waiters!} and I was instantly hooked. I am forever in search of the perfect bottle for at home and I think I came across it! Risata {fun fact Risata means laughter in Italian} Moscato D’ Asti is a smooth, fruity wine that for the price {about $14 at Target} is a no-brainer!

I also came up with an awesome recipe for Gluten and Dairy Free Mac n’ “Cheese”. It is so simple, you will be amazed!


1 box of gluten-free noodles (my favorite are brown rice)

1 bag each of your favorite cheese substitute in cheddar and mozzarella (I choose Daiya, located near either the cheese aisle or the organic aisle in the vegetable section of your local grocery store)

Butter Substitute

1/2 of a Red Onion, diced

Handful of Chives, diced

-Boil the noodles as you would if you were making regular pasta, at this time pre-heat the over to 350

-When noodles are done, drain, return to hot pot. Mix in a handful of “cheese” and the amount of butter you usually use when you make mac n’ cheese, add red onion and chives once the “cheese” is melted (I also like to throw in pepper here, but I am a pepper freak so that is optional)

-Pour noodles into a glass casserole dish, sprinkle as much cheese as you like on top, cover with tin foil, pop the dish into the oven, bake for 35 minutes!

Now onto my amazing pizza!

{It looks so delish!}

You will need:

Gluten-free pizza dough (I use a mix, you can use a pre-made one if you want!)

Your favorite sauce (I use spaghetti sauce not pizza sauce, but again it’s about preference)

Olive oil

Cheese subsitute

Whatever vegetables strike your fancy!

-If you have a box dough, bake it according to the directions! Usually you only cook it half the time and then put everything on it, so follow as goes….

After you have baked it according to directions…

-Spread a dot of olive oil with a brush over the top, spread the sauce over, sprinkle “cheese” over the top, pile on the veggies!

ENJOY! I hope these recipes and wine selection enrichen your life as they have mine! Much Love- Jenny


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