The City That Never Sleeps.

I found this brand of apples while I was grocery shopping in Wisconsin and it struck me funny! I had been on the phone with my best friend Jessi, planning things we wanted to do in New York when I walked past a bag of apples FROM New York! {They were delicious by the way} I have one week until I am on a plane to the famed Big Apple and I am counting the days, hours, and minutes! I have a special place in my heart for New York and growing up in a small town a big city never ceases to amaze me. I can’t wait to take in the culture, food {Little Italy here I come}, drinks, and over all New York-ness of it all. And believe me my blogging friends I will be tweeting, posting, and putting up pictures while I am there as much as I can! I hope your Wednesday goes amazingly for you! Much Love-Jenny

PS-IF anyone has any travel tips they would like to share comment below or email me! And as always New Yorkers out there if you have a place you think I need to try, drop me a note!! XOXO.


Crepes A’ Latte, a Chicago gem.

One of my favorite things about Chicago is the plethora of locally owned places to eat. There is a never ending parade of yummy treats, original drinks, and awesome atmospheres up and down almost every major road there. A couple of my favorite include {but are not limited to}; Bad Dog Tavern, Red Eye Coffee, The Wild Goose, Corner 41, and now this lovely little spot Crepes A’ Latte! {These are all in the North Center area, where I spend all my time.} They have awesome food, some really cool employees, and yummy crepes! What wouldn’t you like about this place? {Also the bathroom is clean which my best friend Leilani insists is important to share!} So if you are in North Center and decided you need a crepe, please give this place a go! You won’t be disappointed!

{The inside decor, it is adorable in there!}

{Peanut Butter and Jelly crepe, with cut up bananas and peanuts inside. Seriously, try this when you go!}

{Art on the wall. How cool is this?}

So in conclusion make it a priority to try Crepes A’ Latte! It is so delicious you will quickly make it one of your favorite places too! Much Love-Jenny

Who doesn’t love a good tu-tu?

I’ll make this short and sweet today…I love “Sex and the City”. Carrie Bradshaw is one of my fashion icons (although we really should praise Patricia Fields since she was the one who came up with those iconic outfits but only people in the fashion world really know her name) and she always will be. Whenever I am down I turn to the SATC crew to make me feel better with their comedic , girl empowering, and fashion forward episodes. SO (yet again) I was feeling inspired by a character and put together this outfit inspired by Carrie in the opening sequence of SATC. Unfortunately I did not get to flit around the city in it, I went to work!

{Everything looks better in black and white, right?}

{Top- Discovery, Skirt- Target {little girl’s section though)}

{The sparkly waistband really breaks up the monotomy of the black and adds a playful punch to this outfit!)

{My awesome new lizard ring. Found this in a bargain bin at Payless Shoes for $3!}

Grab some inpiration from your favorite television and movie characters and put together some awesome outfits this week! Much Love- Jenny

Nothing wrong with a little class in the middle of the week.

I spent all of Tuesday night watching Audrey Hepburn movies and I have to say it was very refreshing. I am a huge fan of Ms. Hepburn but everytime I see a movie of hers I am instantly suprised at how classy, beautiful, and modest she is, but at the same time she is incredibly sexy! I wish that all girls now-a-days would take a look at the way she presented herself and follow suit! I was feeling very “Audrey” like yesterday so I decided to wear my favorite LBD with some big sunglasses and call it a day! My friend Kari even said that she thought I looked like Audrey, so inspiration was a success!

{Dress~TJ Maxx, Purse~ Discovery, Shoes~ Target, Sunglasses~unknown}

{I always say you should look as good going as you do coming, the back of this dress is my favorite part!}

{Nail design is so in right now and the best part is there are so many products made available to you to DIY! I use a nail polish pen that I got from Sally Beauty Supply but I’ve seen them at Target, Ulta, etc. Beware though-this take time and practice! See a pro if you have shaky hands!}

{Is it weird that this is my favorite shot? My rings are from Discovery BTW!}

If you have the time I seriously reccomend watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. It’s my favorite movie and I love it even more each time I watch it! A goal for when I am in New York is to stand outside Tiffany’s in the morning with a coffee (possibly in an evening dress) and have a picture taken. When I do my friends I’ll be sure to share it here! Much Love- Jenny

The first day of spring…

Today is an amazing day! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL outside, but I had the blessing of being able to take a walk with my Dad this morning, enjoy the weather on the deck while I drank my coffee, and I had the good fortune to have yummy mexican food with a good friend last night! All in all this week is shaping up to be pretty amazing, now I just need some super weekend plans to complete the week!

My gluten and dairy free tofu scramble with hash browns and slices of tomato. This was a pre-packaged meal from Amy’s Kitchen {a company dedicated to producing delicious and nourishing frozen meals for health- concsious people}, I usually don’t like eating pre-packaged meals because they usually have a billion ingredients, but Amy’s food is very clean and I recommend it!! This was so good I am going to HAVE to purchase it again! { I also know this has nothing to do with the weather but I really wanted to share it! So oh well!}

My fun red jeans paired with casual shoes, yesterday sitting on my deck on the phone! {I completed this outfit with a ribbed black tank top and a statement necklace, photo to be added later!}

The Deck at El Puerto where Kelly and I had our first Margarita Monday! It was perfect weather for sitting on the lake!

Best Margarita in Fox Lake! Plus I love the background of this picture…it really doesn’t get better than being on the lake! Can you tell that is one of my happy places?

This morning enjoying coffee on the deck in one of the MANY coffee cups I have! {I have started a collection of fun and interesting cups, I have no idea why but I love them!}

SO if you are in the Chicago-land area PLEASE get out and enjoy this magnificent weather! Have a wonderful day! Much Love-Jenny

When you wake up covered in glitter….

Hello my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! I know I did…I spent the evening in Wrigleyville (Chicago in case you don’t know) and it was an awesome time! Now Wrigleyville is always a good time but seeing as that this was a holiday, Clark St. was closed off, people were dancing in the streets, there was green as far as the eye could see, and cops were milling around all over….this was probably one of the most interesting times I have been there!

The day started off right with the weather being so nice lately! Notice that it says a high of 79!! It stayed that weather all night it felt like!

My awesome hat from Party City. No joke, this tiny hat was the shining star of my night It had glitter on it, it said the word “wee-bit”, and it was miniature! Who wouldn’t want to wear that all night! Well I did! I wore it from 7am-3:30am the next day…that’s how awesome that hat is!

My holiday themed nails! You must go all out with green for St. Patrick’s Day and my friend Krystyn helped me do just that!

Here’s to a week of glitter, cocktails, and good friends! Much Love- Jenny

Ps- Happy St. Joseph’s Day to my Italian friends! XOXO!

Vino, Food, what else?

This weekend was a stay at home kind-of weekend. That doesn’t mean I was devoid of good drinks and food though! I made a gluten and dairy free veggie pizza {I have really been missing pizza lately so it was a must have}, gluten and dairy free mac n’ “cheese”, and I had a bottle of my favorite wine, who couldn’t help but smile? I am definitely a fan of the vino! I first tried a Moscato D’ Asti at The Vine in Grayslake {if you are from around me you NEED to go there, awesome drinks, food, the service is great, plus there are some pretty cute waiters!} and I was instantly hooked. I am forever in search of the perfect bottle for at home and I think I came across it! Risata {fun fact Risata means laughter in Italian} Moscato D’ Asti is a smooth, fruity wine that for the price {about $14 at Target} is a no-brainer!

I also came up with an awesome recipe for Gluten and Dairy Free Mac n’ “Cheese”. It is so simple, you will be amazed!


1 box of gluten-free noodles (my favorite are brown rice)

1 bag each of your favorite cheese substitute in cheddar and mozzarella (I choose Daiya, located near either the cheese aisle or the organic aisle in the vegetable section of your local grocery store)

Butter Substitute

1/2 of a Red Onion, diced

Handful of Chives, diced

-Boil the noodles as you would if you were making regular pasta, at this time pre-heat the over to 350

-When noodles are done, drain, return to hot pot. Mix in a handful of “cheese” and the amount of butter you usually use when you make mac n’ cheese, add red onion and chives once the “cheese” is melted (I also like to throw in pepper here, but I am a pepper freak so that is optional)

-Pour noodles into a glass casserole dish, sprinkle as much cheese as you like on top, cover with tin foil, pop the dish into the oven, bake for 35 minutes!

Now onto my amazing pizza!

{It looks so delish!}

You will need:

Gluten-free pizza dough (I use a mix, you can use a pre-made one if you want!)

Your favorite sauce (I use spaghetti sauce not pizza sauce, but again it’s about preference)

Olive oil

Cheese subsitute

Whatever vegetables strike your fancy!

-If you have a box dough, bake it according to the directions! Usually you only cook it half the time and then put everything on it, so follow as goes….

After you have baked it according to directions…

-Spread a dot of olive oil with a brush over the top, spread the sauce over, sprinkle “cheese” over the top, pile on the veggies!

ENJOY! I hope these recipes and wine selection enrichen your life as they have mine! Much Love- Jenny