Nyquil, Sleep, and no wine.

I have been stuck inside my house the last couple of days because I have been under the weather, so I haven’t really been doing anything fun to write about. So I decided that I would just write about all my favorite pictures/things from the past couple of weeks!

{The Samoa Martini and The Snickers Martini from The Vine, yes these are amazing! No, I haven’t had one lately since mixing Nyquil and alcohol is a no-no.}

{I woke up to this last Friday, I was not happy! Snow is gorgeous but I want spring!}

{My last nail design, using Essie “A Crewed Interest” and a white nail polish pen.}

{Bulldogs in Grayslake, a new burger joint where they have great food, really good service, and the old 50’s look of a diner. Way cute!}

{On the way to my cousin’s apartment I saw this street and decided I needed a picture of the sign because of Wizards of Waverly Place. If you don’t understand that then I can’t help you…}

Here’s to a week filled with good cocktails, great friends, new experiences, cute men, and health! Much Love- Jenny


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