Love for Milwaukee…AJ Bombers Style

I love trying new restaurants, especially in fun towns! Each month I will be trying a new place and profiling it on here. This month it is AJ Bombers in the lower east side of  Milwaukee. This place has great food and you can’t beat it’s location! Located on the corner of Water and Knapp it is right in the action of the famous Water St bar stretch {which is awesome at night since it all lit up, quite impressive}. This hip and funky place is the winner of Food Wars {a tv show on the travel channel} and from the instant you walk in you can see why. Basically, this place is awesome and is worth your time! So next time you want a good meal in a fun place, instead of going to TGI Friday’s or Chili’s, support a small business and head to Milwaukee for what possibly will be the best burger of your life! Much Love- Jenny

{My kicky fun new shoes, I am so obsessed that I couldn’t help but not share them! I wear them cuffed with jeans, or with slouchy socks and tights. Also they are from Payless! Thank you BOGO!}

{They are famous for putting “different” toppings on the burgers. Some include; chunky peanut butter, sweet potato strings, and a fried egg.}


{You can write on EVERYTHING in this place, including the condiment holder and the wall. I chose the wall!}

{Me waiting for my Black Bean Burger, yum it was so good I can’t wait to go back! Also the cocktail in front of me is my new favorite Captain and Sprite. Thank you Danielle!}

{Jill got a regular hamburger {nothing plain about it though so don’t be confused!} and you can see my awesome sweet potato chips behind her plate. Those were the all-star of the evening since I love sweet potatos.}

This is the link to AJ Bombers website. Check it out my foodie friends!


2 thoughts on “Love for Milwaukee…AJ Bombers Style

  1. I’ll be in Milwaukee next weekend bringing my mom and bros to the airport! I’m definitely going to go here afterwards! Thanks! I can’t remember what day it is exactly but you should meet me there! 🙂

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