Other than your hair a purse is your best accessory.

Welcome to the middle of February! Also if you are a “Parks and Recreation” fan, Happy Galentine’s Day! Today I decided to showcase some of my favorite bags, because I really believe even if you have an outfit that really isn’t much, if you carry an awesome bag you look chic! You also don’t have to break the bank in order to carry a stylish purse, I get a lot of my bags from the store Discovery {everything there is under $25, most purses are around $!5} or Target. TJ Maxx is my favorite store to snap up designer bags at a wallet-friendly price, my last purchase was a gorgeous Micheal Kors satchel! Yes, the one in the picture! No way could I not show that baby off!

Make sure you notice my Trader Joe’s bag! I am a big believer is re-usable grocery bags, I always have one in my purse just in case I need to make a quick stop at a store and need a bag. I think it is important to not use the plastic bags they give out as much as possible, make your carbon foot print as small as you can I say! Plus all of them are super cute now, my favorites are from Forever 21 {smaller bags} and TJ Maxx {big bags}. As always thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone has a Kenneth kind of week! Much Love- Jenny

PS- I recently discovered an awesome part of Instyle Magazines website it’s called Instyle Style Statements. You are able to create “dream” outfits {or if you are rich they are just called “outfits”} and then submit them for other fashionistas to vote on them! Seriously, try it out! www.instyle.com/stylestatements Happy Outfiting!


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